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Sprinkle: Liberals are the barrier to keeping the republic | COMMENTARY

“A republic, if you can keep it.”

While Rep. Nancy Pelosi is frantically quoting Benjamin Franklin and wagging her finger like some perpetually peeved schoolmarm at everything and everybody in any way connected with the president, her own liberal party has given every indication it can rip apart a republic faster than a honey badger can rip open a beehive.


Examples are plentiful, but space is not; so here are but a few highlights.

Anarchists are rampaging through our streets, and their Democratic apologists are not only unwilling to put an end to the mayhem, but are instead aiding and abetting in the destruction of both public and private property. In fact, Reuters has reported that at least 13 staff members of Vice President Joseph Biden posted on Twitter that they have made donations for the purpose of posting bail for the vandals.


Many of these naive, Utopian dreamers are liberally trained spoiled brats who’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated by liberal instructors — advance the global viewpoint; tear down every vestige of capitalism. With no respect for personal or private property and little historical knowledge of the objects of their destruction, they are merely a caravan of one empty head following another caterwauling John Lennon’s “Imagine,” and dreaming of substituting it for the national anthem.

And where are the Democratic leaders of these cities, and why are they not standing up to protect their citizens? They’re where they’ve always been — nowhere to be found. Their cities are a crime-ridden mess and getting worse by the day, and now their priority is “reimagining policing.”

Democrats Jenny Durkan and Jay Inslee are responsible for the Seattle “festival” known as the “Summer of Love.” And the current stats on all of that love? Reported by the Washington Examiner on June 29, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best told CNN that she was “aware of three shootings and one murder …. We’ve also had some assaults, sexual assaults, a robbery, and a couple of arsons.” Citizens were told that authorities were going to take action and bring the CHAZ/CHOP “autonomous zone” to an end, but the kids are still walking around in a stupor and playing “government.”

But Durkan and Inslee are just two of the Democrats involved in ripping apart the fabric of the republic. We also have the dynamic New York duo of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Despite all of the huffing and puffing by Cuomo about Trump’s ineptness in handling COVID-19, it was Cuomo who sent infected elderly patients back to nursing homes to contaminate the most vulnerable in our population. And the irony? He had additional hospital space and the USNS Comfort (courtesy of the president) standing by ready and able to accept those patients.

The petulant de Blasio, on the other hand, spends more time at the gym than he does in his office. His solution to quelling the riots in his city? Paint a “Black Lives Matter” mural on the street in front of Trump Towers.

Then, of course, there’s Sen. Elizabeth Warren, another Democrat bent on dismantling the republic. She vowed if she were elected president, she would be the last to be elected by the Electoral College. Were that to happen, the whole country could easily be controlled by a few heavily populated states, and Middle America would be expected to nod its assent and accept whatever crumbs the “tyranny of the majority” tossed its way.

And finally, now that Attorney General Bill Barr and federal prosecutor John Durham are closing in on the Democratic role in attempting to unseat a sitting president, the Democrats are howling about Barr and his relationship with the president. Query. Where were they when AG Eric Holder publicly declared himself President Obama’s “wingman” and became the mastermind behind the disastrous gun-running sting known as “Fast and Furious”? Or when AG Loretta Lynch was having her infamous tarmac tête-à-tête with Bill Clinton?


All of this Democratic “wisdom” sounds so non-“republic” — yet so familiar. Where have I heard it before? Ah, yes! I recall. Romans 1:22: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”

M.K. Sprinkle writes from Hampstead. Her column appears every other Saturday. Email her at