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Chris Roemer: How to deal with progressives? Just ignore them. | COMMENTARY

Progressives are complaining conservatives are indoctrinating children by attempting to control public school curricula. They are upset because only progressives are allowed to control public school curricula.

Here’s their argument.


By resisting the efforts of progressives to impose their views on children concerning controversial topics such as sex and gender, conservatives are indoctrinating children. In other words, only by allowing progressives to indoctrinate students can we prevent the indoctrination of students. To question that logic makes one a fascist and a hatemonger.

So, what is one to do in the face of such irrationality?


Ignore it.

To ignore progressives is the worst thing you can do to them. They’re firebrands. Grenade throwers. Actually, their grenades are usually little more than squibs, but the point is, they seek attention by being as outrageous as they can. It’s why they glue themselves to priceless works of art. It’s why they want to get arrested outside the congressional baseball game. They crave attention and feed off it. Anyone who has worked in a middle school will recognize their attention-seeking behavior. Better to get negative attention than no attention at all.

Young people are particularly attracted to their antics. They are easily manipulated, and college kids, after years of constant brainwashing, are anxious to pick up the baton and run with it, having been told they have a duty to change the world

Older progressives — who used to call themselves liberals, a term they had to ditch because it took on too much of a negative connotation — have already benefited from the American capitalist system they are constantly railing against, so they are only too happy to have the next generation of carefully groomed true believers assume the mantle of “saviors of the world.”

The role of older progressives is to encourage the Young Turks, providing them the financial and moral support they need to carry on the work, and to ensure they never take that red pill that will open their eyes to the reality they have been taught to deny for so long.

The quality shared by many progressives that is hardest to bear is their insufferable haughtiness. So many believe they represent a higher plane of human existence, so they look down with disdain on anyone who disagrees with them.

It’s why progressives talk about being able to smell Trump supporters in Walmarts, and deride working-class people for clinging to their guns and Bibles.

It’s also why they believe they can say just about anything, and the American people will buy it. From their perspective, the “great unwashed” are just too stupid to realize they’re being lied to.


Progressive mayors around the country have been telling us for years we have a moral obligation to help the millions of people crossing into the country illegally. But don’t send the migrants to their cities. Actually doing something to help them is someone else’s job.

The American economy hasn’t slipped into recession. We changed the definition of a recession, so everything is fine.

We don’t really have inflation. It’s just a transitory problem. And if we do have inflation, it’s not the fault of progressives. It’s Trump’s fault. It’s Putin’s fault. It’s the Federal Reserve’s fault. It’s the oil companies’ fault. It’s the meat producers’ fault.

The trillions of dollars of government spending pumped into the American economy has nothing to do with it, and to prove it, Democrats just passed more legislation that will pump another three quarters of a trillion dollars into the economy. Only this time, they got smart. They called the new spending, “The Inflation Reduction Act.”

That should do it. The American people will buy it, and Orwell would be proud.

Biden claims reducing inflation is his top priority, yet he plans to forgive $10,000 in debt to millions of people who have student loans. Twice that amount for Pell Grant recipients.


Of course, these are students who promised they would pay back what they borrowed. That’s kind of a key feature of borrowing money. You have to pay it back. In this case, American taxpayers who didn’t go to college, or who were dumb enough to already pay back what they borrowed, or who had parents who worked overtime so they could afford to send their kids to college, will foot the bill.

The Federal Reserve estimates forgiving that debt, in addition to costing American taxpayers an estimated $321 billion, will also stoke the inflation Biden says reducing is his top priority.

It would appear buying millions of votes is a slightly higher priority for the president and his party than reducing inflation.

Finally, we’re going to double the size of the IRS. No need to worry, though. Those 87,000 new IRS employees, 6 in 10 of whom will be focused on enforcement, won’t bother you.

One of the marvels of the human brain is its capacity to disable whatever mechanism it uses to filter out false information, and then transform that information into deeply held truths. This ability is common to both conservatives and progressives, but progressives have so thoroughly honed the skill, they have actually managed to create an entirely new reality for themselves, which they now demand everyone accept as authentic.

This is why, for progressives it is critically important each new generation be taught to believe the liberal fairy tale at a young age, when children are at their most impressionable. They know it’s their best opportunity to keep the progressive fantasy alive.


“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” Selwyn Duke

Chris Roemer is a retired banker and educator who resides in Finksburg. He can be contacted at