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Chris Roemer: For Democrats, the sky is always falling | COMMENTARY

Democrats are giving dire warnings again, this time about the “death of democracy.” I’m not surprised. It’s the party that presents everything as an existential threat. With well practiced distress, they sound the alarm: “The sky is falling, and this time we really mean it! Either we get our way or it’s the end of everything!”

Americans are waking up to the reality that Democrats have become the party of “Chicken Little.” It’s one of the reasons why Republicans are enjoying a 14-point swing in voter preference in less than a year. Apparently, Americans are deciding in large numbers they are better served by the Republican Party.


There are other reasons why voters are abandoning the party of FDR and Kennedy. One is, it’s not the party of FDR and Kennedy anymore.

Other reasons include Biden’s incompetence in Afghanistan, Biden’s incompetence working with Congress, Biden’s incompetence fighting COVID, Biden’s incompetence fighting inflation, Biden’s incompetence fighting crime, and Biden’s incompetence at the southern border.


Democrats seem incapable of understanding why anyone might not want what they want.

Oppose open borders? You’re anti-immigrant. Oppose another round of multi-trillion dollar spending? You’re anti-poor. Think the policies of liberal district attorneys like those found in Los Angeles and New York are wrong? You’re anti-social justice.

Don’t think oil companies are evil empires and that climate change means the end of the planet in a dozen years? That makes you’re anti-earth. Don’t believe a transgender, biological male athlete should be allowed to compete in woman’s sports? You’re anti-trans.

Disagree there should be no restrictions on a woman’s right to an abortion? You’re anti-woman. Opposed to vaccine or mask mandates? That means you don’t care if people live or die.

And most egregious of all, at least for the moment, if you believe federalizing election laws is wrong, and probably unconstitutional, that puts you in the same category as the worst racists in history.

Anti-immigrant. Anti-poor. Anti-justice. Anti-trans. Anti-earth. Anti-woman. Anti-minority. Anti-human life. This is how many Democrats really view Republicans. Agree with us or you’re evil.

Right now, there are two election related bills before the Senate. The first is called the Freedom to Vote Act. The second, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Democrats prefer to keep discussion of these bills pretty general. Doing so works best to support their apocalyptic predictions should either or both bills fail to become law.

Discussion about the specific components of Freedom to Vote are nearly absent. The reason is many of those components are widely unpopular, so the tactic is to avoid talking about exactly what will bring about the end of the world. Just say it’s ending.


What is it about Freedom to Vote that has caused the left to become so unhinged? Why are they saying “black and brown people” won’t be allowed to vote anymore if the legislation doesn’t pass? Why do they claim Republicans are subverting democracy itself?

Why are they screaming, it’s Jim Crow 2.0 and those who oppose the legislation must be a white supremacist?

Democrats don’t like voter ID requirements, but if a state insists on having such a requirement, according to Freedom to Vote, just about anything will do. If you believe a government issued photo ID should be required to vote, you’re a racist. If that’s true, recent polls suggest 8 in 10 Americans are racists, including many African Americans.

Democrats insist on same day and online voter registration. “I’m here to vote. Register me. And all I have is a utility bill, so you’ll just have to take my word I am who I say I am.” Have a problem with that? You’re worse than George Wallace.

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Are you concerned that sending everyone a no-excuse mail-in ballot that can be returned with a signature that doesn’t even have to be witnessed might result in fraud? That makes you Bull Connor. It’s the same as turning lose attack dogs on minorities.

Are you opposed to using government funds to finance the campaigns of politicians? Obviously, you don’t want black and brown people to vote.


If you think it shouldn’t be an onerous task for states to clean up their voter rolls to eliminate dead people or people who have moved out of state, that makes you and Jefferson Davis kindred spirits.

This is the death of democracy? No less than the president of the United States says so. After all, it was he who invoked the names of George Wallace and Bull Connor. Don’t know who they are? Look them up. Read about what they did, and then tell me with a straight face people who support requiring a photo ID to vote are in the same league as those hate mongers. I’m embarrassed for anyone who makes such a claim.

Ronald Reagan famously said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the party left me.” Apparently, lots of people these days are feeling the same way.

The good news for Democrats is they just have a messaging problem. I’m sure Republicans everywhere hope they continue to think that’s the case.

Chris Roemer is a retired banker and educator who resides in Finksburg. He can be contacted at