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Chris Roemer: Grounded in nothing, Biden rides the political winds | COMMENTARY

Crime is surging in cities across the country, fueled in large part by criminal justice policies championed by many in President Joe Biden’s party. Polls are suggesting those policies are hurting the chances of Democrats retaining control of the House and Senate, so Biden has concluded now is the perfect time to re-invent himself – again. This time, he wants you to think of him as the anti-crime president.

There is no way to know what you’re voting for when you vote for someone like Biden. He has shown many times throughout his long career that he is quite willing to change positions on any issue if he perceives it’s to his political advantage.


Biden is the president who said, “I pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide, but to unify.”

He’s also the president who is now working to frame the midterms as a choice between Democrats and the other half of the electorate whom he wants Americans to believe are a bunch of “semi-fascists” out to destroy American democracy.


To accomplish that, the president is using incredibly incendiary rhetoric, which unfortunately is being embraced by a lot of people who should know better. One need look no further than this paper to find opinions written using similarly provocative language.

Sadly, demagoguing national leaders who demonize whole communities of their own people to inflame the electorate for political purposes is not a historical oddity. Often, they do so with catastrophic results.

Also, it seems former President Trump is not the only president who has something in common with Russian despots. Fighting fascism was the pretense Vladimir Putin used for invading Ukraine.

Putin, like Biden, is trying to incite his people to turn against their fellow citizens, saying Russians will “always be able to distinguish true patriots from scum and traitors, and simply spit them out like a gnat that accidentally flew into their mouths, spit them out on the pavement.”

Biden, like Putin, has identified his own “scum and traitors,” American citizens he would like the rest of us to spit out out of our mouths onto the pavement.

Tyrants throughout history have controlled and manipulated their populations by convincing them there are enemies within.

By using such incredibly irresponsible rhetoric, which is purposefully intended to pit American against American, Biden is playing a very dangerous game. There’s more than one way to destroy a democracy.

Astonishingly, the day after his ominous “Red Light Speech,” Biden said, with a straight face, as if the day before never happened, “I don’t consider any Trump supporters a threat to the country.” He then returned to his demagoguing the next day.


Changing positions that fast isn’t flip-flopping, it’s twitching.

Biden used to talk about, “predators on our streets,” whom “we have no choice but to take out of society.”

“I don’t care why someone is a malefactor in society, he said in 1993. “I don’t care why someone is antisocial. I don’t care why they’ve become a sociopath. We have an obligation to cordon them off from the rest of society.”

Then, when running for president, the third time, Biden was all about rethinking “who we’re sending to jail, how we treat those in jail, and how we help them get the health care, education, jobs, and housing they need.”

Now, he’s sensing another shift in the political winds, so recently he boldly proclaimed, “We don’t need to defund the police, we need to refund the police,” as if he is unaware the central thrust of his party’s position on crime over the past several years has been raiding police budgets to fund its never-ending list of social programs and convincing the American people police want nothing more than the opportunity to do harm to people of color.

Interestingly, as the midterms approach, U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and friends have muted their calls to defund the police and have been relatively quiet in the face of Biden’s de facto attacks on their preferred criminal justice policies, offering only token resistance to the House’s recent efforts to provide funding to hire more police.


Why would The Squad remain so measured in its opposition?

I suspect it’s because it knows Biden isn’t serious about his new profession to be the law and order president. He’s not lifting a finger or even speaking out against big city Democrats and progressive attorneys general whose policies are primarily responsible for the spike in the violence raging across the country. Hire as many police as you want, but if you tie their hands, or if everyone they arrest is immediately released, what have you accomplished?

Further, Biden’s decision to saddle the American taxpayer with billions of dollars of student debt was a gift to the progressive left. Shifting that debt, from people who owe it to people who don’t, fits perfectly with the progressive philosophy that government exists to shield people from the natural consequences of their actions.

To some degree, all politicians are charlatans, but Biden is the Zen master. We know he will say anything, and we know he will adopt any position if he thinks it will benefit him politically, but we keep inviting him back to feed us the latest incarnation of the same malarkey he’s been peddling for years.


Anyone who changes their vote because Biden has now decided Democrats are the party of law and order, and it’s really the Republicans who are against the police, is a dog-faced pony soldier.

Then again, as the president’s father used to say all the time, “Everybody’s entitled to be an idiot.”