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Roemer: America being transformed into secular country with no unifying moral concept | COMMENTARY

You know, there are questions to which there are no answers this side of eternity. In the meantime, we’re stuck with a perspective constrained by the limitations of human intellect. But regardless of how limited it may be, that intellect is becoming ever more comfortable deciding for itself questions of good and evil.

America is becoming increasingly secularized with a growing number of its citizens no longer looking to their faith for moral guidance. Millions have decided they no longer need God to tell them what’s right and what’s wrong. They have usurped that authority for themselves.


Typically, concepts of right and wrong unify a society, but as we become ever more secular (i.e. godless), America no longer has one unifying moral concept that defines who we are as a people.

Today, millions of Americans, based on nothing more than their opinion, are creating their own gods, perfectly suited to fit a moral code of their own design. No longer does God create man. Man now creates god, and god can be anything we want him to be, which means good can now be called evil and evil can now be called good.


When I was a kid, Easter was pretty ubiquitous. That’s because in 1960, the year I was born, something like 95% of Americans identified as Christian. Almost no one claimed they were an atheist or an agnostic. Now, 1 in 4 Americans claim to be non-religious, and many who still identify as Christian view the Bible as something akin to an al a carte menu rather than the Word of God. Whole denominations have taken it upon themselves to “re-write” the Bible to say what it is they want it to say rather than what it actually says.

We are rapidly reaching a tipping point in our society. In a world in which every utterance is said to offend someone, it seems the only people left who can still be belittled in mainstream culture are Christians, especially conservative Christians who are often portrayed as right-wing extremist fanatics. That is a remarkable change when you think about it, and it’s all happened in one lifetime.

I worship with a family of believers at Wakefield Valley Bible Church. It’s a small, country church outside of New Windsor made up of unpretentious sincere believers who accept the Bible as the Word of God. Until recently, churches like Wakefield were everywhere. Today their number is dwindling.

In January, our Pastor, Mark Jones, began a year-long series of sermons entitled, “How to Survive in a Post-Christian America.” His sermons are predicated on the assumption that until Christ’s return, American Christians are going to have to come to grips with the fact the country in which they live is becoming increasingly hostile toward them – toward their doctrine, their values, and their culture — and there is no going back save a spiritual reawakening on a scale that has not been seen in this country for a long time.

America is quickly transforming from what it was to what it will be. As a people, we are becoming evermore secular and self-sufficient. You can think what you want about that transformation, but that it is occurring is not a matter of debate.

There will always be a dominant culture, and those who call themselves “progressive” in this country have gone a long way to replacing what was once the dominant culture with one more to their liking.

Soon, people who adhere to any faith in America will be in the minority, and one need only take a look around to see the day of Christian cultural primacy has passed. Turn on the TV. Go to a movie. Watch the news. Visit a public school. America is being handed over to the consequences of a seared national conscious.

I believe there is coming a day soon when American Christians of all faiths will likely wish simply to be left alone to worship God as His Word tells them they should. I’m sure that has been the desire of many minority faiths throughout history, and it has always been a reasonable request, but even that simple request is no certainty, for as the “disadvantaged” in society continue to grow into “dominance,” they are beginning to enjoy their newfound power and privilege, and are seeking to enlarge it at the expense of those of us who are increasingly becoming the newly “disadvantaged.”


Of course, none of this diminishes any of the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. For those of us who believe, salvation is found in no other name.

I wish everyone a very Happy Easter, and if our secular culture still allows it, I pray the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

No offense intended.

Chris Roemer writes from Finksburg. Reach him at

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