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Pyatt: Is Trump's 'New World Order' only way America can succeed?

There is an old quote from Winston Churchill to the effect that democracy is a terrible form of government. But it’s still superior to all others. Looking at this quote from the prism of Donald Trump, it makes more sense than when I first heard it. Imagine that you’ve beaten all of the odds. Your own staff said you would lose, the deck may or may not have been stacked against you, but through statistical quirkiness, a bit of luck, and canny and savvy strategizing, you prevailed.

Then you find out that you can’t do anything you wanted to do. Some prize. There is a pesky Congress and an even more problematic judicial system. Then there is the so-called fourth branch of government, the career officials who do their best to keep the cards in the deck from flying apart.


Stopping unwanted immigration seems to be like stopping global warming, inflation, illegal drugs or bad manners. There is inevitability to it. Just my guess, but I don’t think the recent rash of imposed tariffs on trade partners is going to have the desired effect.

Ah, the Canadians — those “et tu, Brute” backstabbers. How did we put up with them so long? And those sneaky Europeans! American businesses and our business-friendly officials — including many of our congressmen — look askance as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon flout privacy rules regarding usage, yet because of staunch resistance from the European Commonwealth, actually have to add some (presumably limited) privacy restrictions. Unthinkable.


The New World Order would open up business markets, perhaps not as lucrative initially as with our G-7 partners, but in the long run would run almost entirely without effective limitations or restrictions.

The isolation of these North American and European trading partners could place the United States and China in the economic driver’s seat, at least that’s the betting proposition of the high-end financial stakeholders.

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This strategy is both risky and unpredictable. It has a reasonably high probability of leading to a trade war and possibly a shooting war. Almost certainly consumers will be the losers. It will create some new jobs, but almost certainly will eliminate many skilled and semiskilled existing jobs. Perhaps this will occur either way, since the inequality of the wealth distribution in the U.S. has reached staggering proportions. But this new potential world order will pick up the pace.

I’m uncertain whether I’m composing this because of sour grapes — three of my past career paths have more or less become obsolete — or because of concern for our country.

It’s a folly to try and psychoanalyze President Trump — nobody has cracked that nut. But I wonder if his ups and downs in the commercial real estate market, entertainment field — people forget his star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame — and golf resorts clouds his thinking as much as mine. I feel I walked from one rock in the stream to another to get to a reasonably comfortable elder status. There were some close calls. Or is it just a gigantic chip-on-the-shoulder mentality?

But what is the future? Can American know-how and resources prevail in the existing G-7 market and North American trade association? Or can we only succeed by striking out and creating this New World Order with fewer restrictions? Think Amazon in an unfettered market.

Trump has been a very bad boy at times and has a scandalous sexual life, even though he seems to have done a reasonably good job in raising his family in trying circumstances. One of the prices one must pay as a political figure — the most powerful man in the world — is that your sins are eventually uncovered and displayed by our massive — and lucrative — news media. In 2014, Wall Street analysts placed the value of CNN at roughly $10 billion. Fox News, the most watched cable network, is believed to be worth even more. Forbes estimated in May 2018 it was worth $11.7 billion.

This revealing of self-serving, boorish and often rather silly behavior — we’re all familiar with mankind’s failings through countless Gospel readings — is as relentless as inflation, drug trafficking and warfare. I find it occasionally entertaining, but in the end it defines a president perhaps as much (or more so) than historical accomplishments. I also think President Trump’s historical accomplishments will be very hard to measure. Not so with his scandals. I hope this message can penetrate whatever multiple defense mechanisms Mr. Trump’s mind has set up. The American economic future is at stake. No matter how many dictators he friends on Facebook, or tweets to, our Constitution is still intact and lies in the archives, written in pen and ink.


Dave Pyatt writes from Mount Airy.