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Davidson: Our government must work the way the founders intended

I was not planning on ending my hiatus from writing so I could work on my garden this soon. When I heard one of the more logical senators, Rand Paul, on TV making the case that the Mueller investigation should be the final word I had to put my thoughts on this into words.

Yes, Mueller was a “special counsel” but with a host of restrictions no other “special counsel” had to cope with. He couldn’t indict a sitting president. His report had to be submitted to a supposed non-partisan attorney general, who is the most partisan attorney general we have ever had, and that attorney general could do with it as he pleased. Thus, the party under investigation gets to shut out the opposition and vindicate themselves.


In the beginning, I was fairly confident that President Trump had done no wrong as to directly joining with Russia to deliberately change the outcome of our election. Almost immediately after it was announced that Russia had indeed interfered in our election things did not progress as the results of this startling announcement dictated they should have progressed.

I was expecting President Trump to vocally denounce the Russians and impose strict and heavy penalties for their actions. He didn’t do that. In fact he blocked sanctions and embraced Putin publicly. Then the parade of raging tweets began which was the most obvious intent to cover up anything to do with Russia. Not the retribution that I was looking for. In fact we have suffered through this very long investigation for 2 years and still no retribution. Now we are entering yet another election cycle and Russia is poised to attack our way of life once again.


From the beginning we saw people very close to the president first one then another and another and a total of nine of them having some kind of Russian connections during the election process. We know Trump operates like a mob boss. He puts little or nothing in writing as to his direct communications with his operatives in direct contrast to his very public tweets. He gets everyone around him to pledge complete loyalty and sign non-disclosure agreements. Thus, all of his supporters get to do the crimes and he gets the Teflon coating of protection. Mario Puzo could have written the script for this presidency.

It is my opinion that the intensive internet campaign in conjunction with Facebook and Cambridge Anilytica (co-owned by Trump aide Steve Bannon and the Russians) using data illegally accessed to target key voters in key states directly changed the outcome of the election. Before they found out it was illegal they gloated about it on 60 Minutes.

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Then there is the lying. This president has lied more than any other in history. Not only has he lied he has coerced his subordinates to lie, too. Honest people are lying routinely to protect this man at all costs. They told one story under oath to Mueller and then completely go back to lying to the public as soon as they are no longer under oath.

Trump is clearly not the richest man in the world as he so aspires to be but he is still quite wealthy. He can afford to hire as many lawyers and investigators as he needs to achieve whatever end he desires. It did not get by me that the picture the police artist drew of the man that threatened Stormy Daniels looked exactly like Trump caddy A.J., the man that choked someone on the golf course for dissing the boss.

Trump has a vast knowledge of which politicians are corrupt as he has been bribing them for years. He lacks any scruples so whatever knowledge he has there is no doubt he will reveal if you don’t do what he demands of them. This may well explain why so many decent people are lying and protecting him so deeply.

This brings me back to Sen. Paul. He has joined with the party line that there would have been no Mueller had there been no warrant to spy on the president. Remember, the Russians did interfere in our election. Our intelligence agencies are free to do whatever it takes to protect us from such attacks and with nine members of the campaign having some kind of ties to Russians and as we now know the president negotiating indirectly with the Russians for the rights to build there should he lose the election, the FISA Court had every right to conduct an investigation into this.

Sorry Republicans and Sen. Paul you are just wrong on this point. I would have been livid had they not looked into it.

Before all of the loyalist Republicans set upon me, allow me to credit the POTUS for his achievements. I love the way my investments have performed under his leadership. I applaud doing everything we can to stop this never-ending parade of illegal immigration. I now know that I did get to keep more of my 2018 income and pay less in taxes. I support clamping down on China’s theft of intellectual property.


So why am I siding with the Democrats? Because I like our founding fathers’ concept of three coequal parts of government. We need checks and balances. I am terrified that if someone like Bernie Sanders were to come to power and were to assume absolute power the way Trump has we could be in a mess of trouble! Please stop protecting the status quo and allow our government to work the way the founders designed.