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Holstein: Answers from a conservative

Henry Reiff, in his March 24 opinion piece, asked “Questions for Christian conservatives about Trump.” In response, I am only one conservative but I think my comments represent the general views of most of us.

Mr. Reiff denigrates President Trump and asks why Christians are not ashamed to support him. The short answer is that President Trump is a patriot who gave up his businesses and lifestyle to campaign for the presidency to Make America Great Again! President Trump supports us citizens by putting America first. He supports Israel who is our best ally in the Middle East. He actually did what he promised to do while campaigning.


The fatal flaw in Mr. Reiff’s assertions is that he never compares Trump and conservatives to anything other than his own standards. For example, he wrote, “I can understand that being anti-choice can be a legitimate Christian value.” Conservative values are based on the Bible and the U.S. Constitution. The fifth commandment says thou shalt not kill/murder. The Declaration of Independence says “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life ...”. The idea of choice was invented by a handful of liberal Supreme Court judges. Conservatives are right to life people.

Mr. Reiff mocks the border wall without ever addressing the real issue of illegal immigration. Conservatives believe that all our laws should be enforced. If the border security people want a wall to assist them, they should get a wall. President Trump made illegal immigration an important campaign issue that no other candidate would address.


He criticizes us for believing that global climate change is a hoax. Wrong again. Remember, liberals called it global warming first then when that didn’t work the issue became climate change. Conservatives believe the climate is changing and has been changing since the Earth was created. We don’t believe that giving government more power over us will magically stop the climate from changing.

Unfortunately for Mr. Reiff, his charge about us believing that the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt has been proven true. Mueller’s report said no collusion with Russia. Mr. Reiff omitted that many believe the investigation was based on a false document paid for by Democrats and was characterized by certain FBI officials as an “insurance policy.” It is obvious to me that the Obama administration had a plan in place to overturn the election in case Trump won.

Let’s talk about obstruction of justice and the double standard liberals use. If President Trump destroyed a computer hard drive after deleting thousands of emails what do you think the FBI would have done? That actually happened but was done by the Democratic candidate for president. When you compare Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton, we conservatives support Trump because he is a patriot. He actually honors his oath of office to defend the United States and the Constitution. Clinton called supporters of Donald Trump deplorables. That may not have helped her win votes.

Mr. Reiff goes after President Trump for attacking John McCain. Sen. McCain was the final Republican vote on overturning Obama care. He voted with the Democrats.

Next we read a lot of the Democrat talking points about President Trump attacking his morals. You must consider who he was running against. The Democrats gave us Jack Kennedy, who reportedly had lavish sex parties in the White House. They gave us Bill Clinton, who is alleged to have had many sexual transgressions while he was governor and lied about an affair with a White House intern which ultimately led to his impeachment. President Obama lied about the Affordable Care Act when he said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. President Obama sent $1.5 billion in cash to Iran, which is a known state sponsor of terrorism and not an ally of the United States. President Trump is not a saint but neither were his Democratic predecessors. I am not saying two wrongs make a right but am simply pointing out the double standard liberals use to judge us conservatives.

Donald Trump won the election. It is past time for liberal progressives to accept that. In closing, I leave Mr. Reiff with a quote from President Obama: “Elections have consequences.”