When Carroll County’s nonprofit leaders were asked to share their thoughts to the question, “how has the local community made an impact,” the response was immediate and full of gratefulness.

Generous, supportive, caring and responsive were adjectives used over and over. The nonprofit community is alive and well in Carroll County thanks to the abundance of people who believe that helping others is a way of life and not just a once-a-year gesture.


It is evident that there is a true partnership between the citizens of Carroll County, the nonprofit community and community leaders. In fact, it is no secret anymore that what makes Carroll County unique is everyone is willing to share. Many people support more than one organization, nonprofit leaders routinely talk with one another about best practices and how they can impact more lives, and community leaders and legislators find ways to be helpful.

This column thanking our community would not be complete without a hearty thanks to the business that has given a weekly voice to our nonprofits — the Carroll County Times. Every Monday since October 2015, a nonprofit organization is provided a column, free of charge to share information about their organization, inform the community about their initiatives, or encourage the community to support their fundraising. Indeed, this is an invaluable resource for the nonprofit community as many nonprofits have either limited or no budgets to get their message out.


Lastly, as we all think about the reason for the season, the nonprofit community in Carroll County is grateful for each person, business or foundation that has provided a gift, supported a fundraising event or volunteered time. Our collective missions are being brought to life because of you. People that need help or support are receiving services because of you. Either directly or indirectly, you are making a difference.

During the holiday season, I hope that you take a moment to experience the joy that your support brings to others. Our community is better off because we have giving people and great non profit organizations.

Thank you and happy holidays from Carroll County’s nonprofit organizations.

Here are some additional comments from other Carroll County nonprofit leaders:

Ed Leister, Carroll County Food Sunday

Carroll County Food Sunday could not exist without the generous support of the community. That support comes from schools, individuals, organizations, businesses and churches to name a few. It comes in the form of fund donations, food donations, the volunteering of time to serve our clients at one of our three locations, food drives, fund raising drives, and people telling those in need of our services so that they can benefit and receive the assistance they need. This is the most generous area that I have ever witnessed. Love and respect for all abounds in our circle of care and support.

Scott Yard, Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc.

Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc. is continually impressed by the generosity of the Carroll County community. Whether they are giving donations to help us prevent homelessness, holding drives for needed items at our Cold Weather Shelter, giving their time to help prepare tax returns at our VITA site, or rallying people to help spread the word about a special event, Carroll residents love where they live and they always come through with support. That’s part of what makes Carroll County special. We are humbled to be a part of this great community and look forward to continuing to serve any of our neighbors who find themselves in need of assistance.

Tammy Black, Access Carroll

Carroll County is an incredible community overflowing with generosity and genuine care for neighbors in need! Access Carroll is blessed to be a nonprofit in this county that serves close to 10,000 individuals with life saving medical, dental, and behavioral health services for people of all ages, full time. Our unique integrated health care model is possible thanks to the support that comes from generous individuals, businesses, organizations, churches, and civic groups, including donated supplies, operating cash, and volunteer time. Literally, the support of our community positively impacts the lives of people from teeth to toes and head to heart — not only for a moment, but for generations to come with a legacy of good health!

Dean Carroll, Old Line Statemens Barbershop Chorus

In a country where lots of folks are yelling about “what the government should do,” “how do we pay for it?” and so forth, we, the nonprofit community, take on many of these responsibilities and leave the yelling to others.

We provide a security blanket of social support.

In the case of some nonprofits (The Shepard’s Staff comes to mind), they will literally secure you a blanket. And a toothbrush, and other essentials.

Others, like my Old Line Statesmen Barbershop Chorus, are on the more frivolous end, in that we provide entertainment.


But I gotta say, it doesn’t feel frivolous when we visit a retirement home and sing to the residents. And talk and laugh with the residents.

We nonprofits fill a void for some lonely, desperate people who often aren’t seen by mainstream society. That’s a nice impact.

Brenda Meadows, The Shepherd’s Staff

We can’t do what we do without the support of the community, we are merely your hands. As a privately funded 501(c)3, the support of the local community is so important and at times that generosity is overwhelming! In addition, the nonprofit community in Carroll County is interwoven in such a beautiful way, that it weaves a literal blanket of support for those in crisis.

Maryanne Turner, Caring and Sharing

As the leader of Caring and Sharing the amount of people we have helped and the support we have received is a blessing.

Special thanks to Kennie’s Markets, especially the manager Rocky. To Stephanie Myers of Long and Foster Realty and the Kahlert Foundation.

Poverty may be the highest in Northwest Carroll County but the people are also the most generous.

Audrey Cimino, Community Foundation of Carroll County

If you have a problem, Carroll County is a great place to be.

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