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Nonprofit View: Tech trends that will transform the future

Carroll Technology Council

When you are a part of a group of tech savvy citizenry, technology leaders and innovators; tech trends are a part of the conversation. I asked members of the Carroll Technology Council to think about “what are the trends of the future and how can we prepare ourselves?” Here are some of our immediate thoughts:

Artificial intelligence. Potentially set to transform business in ways we’ve not seen since the Industrial Revolution; fundamentally reinventing how businesses run, compete and thrive. When implemented holistically, these technologies help improve productivity and lower costs, unlocking more creative jobs and creating new growth opportunities.


Healthcare. No matter how difficult the regulations or the complexity of human biology makes breakthroughs in medicine, the pace of innovation in healthcare is amazingly fast and medicine and healthcare is improving with the digital revolution. What happens next depends on patients, physicians, researchers and developers to define the future of healthcare.

Autonomous vehicles. There is speculation that fleets of autonomous vehicles will not be limited to urban areas. As vehicles become smarter and more automated, there will also be advances in data communication between cars on the road and between cars and roadside installations. In other words, there is a need to teach those “autonomous” cars to consider real-time data about their surroundings and other vehicles.


Virtual and augmented reality. Both stimulate conversations as they allow us to go beyond the limitations of physical tools to do anything that can be computed. Opportunities, education and experiences are endless.

Robot automation. It is estimated that technology could replace up to 375 million employees worldwide by 2030. In turn, displacing workers at every stage their careers forcing employees to reeducate or retrain over time to find new employment opportunities.

Drones. Still in the infancy stage in terms of mass adoption and usage, drones have already broken through rigid traditional barriers in industries which otherwise seemed impenetrable by similar technological innovations. Drones have become central to the functions of various businesses and governmental organizations and will be vital tools of the future across every industry sector.

“Internet of Everything.” This will overshadow the "Internet of Things,” the existence of the internet through PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablets will soon be passé. In the future everything that you can imagine, from people to places, will be digitized and networked. This transformation will pointedly reshuffle the workings of sectors like transportation, healthcare, retail and analytics.

Space exploration/Mission to Mars. Thanks to programs funded by NASA, SpaceX and others, this is an event that we could witness during our lifetime.

In reality, no one can really predict how the future will shake out, but we can make some educated guesses. If you’d like to be a part of the conversation, I invite you to attend meetings of the Carroll Technology Council or contact me to share your thoughts.

Kati Townsley is the executive director of the Carroll Technology Council, Inc. She can be reached at For more information about the Carroll Tech Council, visit