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Nonprofit View: Recruiting a team to cover hometown sports

Community Media Center

What's your favorite hometown moment?

For hundreds of high school students and parents it’s being under the lights on Friday night.


High school sports is about more than just the game, it’s about community and tradition.

The fields and the court are where rivalries are born, where school spirit is worn in our hearts and not just on our jackets. It’s where the impossible can happen and the cheers of victory bring fans to their feet.


This is where the countless hours of practice, determination, and skill come together to turn high school athletes into hometown heroes.

Everyone loves these moments … so do we. At the Community Media Center, your local cable station, we want to capture and share these hometown triumphs, and we need your help.

The Community Media Center (CMC) has set out to capture video highlights of high school sports in action. But we can’t do it alone. So we’re recruiting students, parents, alumni, fans and community volunteers to join our team. You can help record and share all the best plays and heart-pounding moments, not just with your smartphone or on your Facebook feed, but with our network where we can reach the more than 30,000 viewers of the new CMSportsNet.

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We’re building our roster of volunteers right now. All you need is a passion for sports and a willingness to learn. We’ll teach you everything you need to know. You'll get inside access to the games as you work alongside CMC professionals to bring the thrill of the game to screens all across Carroll County.

We are starting with the basics; highlights from Westminster and Winters Mill home games. As the season progresses and our team of community volunteers grows, we’ll continue to expand our coverage.

But we can’t make it happen without you. The sports we cover we will be based upon your input and willingness to show up and help cover the games.

Imagine, a community coming together to create a live sports show, dedicated to showcasing Carroll County’s student-athletes, and not just football but all local sports. Our local athletes and supporters deserve no less. Now that’s a hometown moment.

That’s our goal for CMSportsNet, a community working together to celebrate our hometown heroes.


So what are you waiting for? Be a part of the team that's creating this exciting new community program, Sign up on our website today

Richard Turner is the executive director of the Community Media Center. Reach him at