Just under 10 days out and I’m looking for another miracle.

More than 2,000 years since the biggest one ever, I may be looking for one just as big.


But there’s not a wise man in sight.

Instead of a star over the Holy Land, there is a pall of smoke because the blessed peacemakers who claim to represent Christianity decided to stick it in the eye of Muslims and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish people. So, we have people tossing rocks, firebombs, and threats of oblivion at humans with whom they share a common history, DNA — and enmity.

“Merry Christmas” is less a blessing than a cruel and ironic taunt.

Here in New Amazonia, the Land of the Bottomless Charge Card Account, we have 9 million sick kids about to lose their insurance coverage because Congress cannot figure out a way to extend the program.

For 20 years, the expenditure for the program called CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) has had bipartisan support, but under the flag of efforts to Make America Great Again, Republicans and Democrats are sparing to see how one side can make the other side look like a loser.

Republicans don’t want to spend federal money on it, and the states got a short notice that the funds are not forthcoming. After all, there’s an election coming up.

There’s always an election coming up.

The most encouraging word from congress as of this writing is, “We’ll work it out somehow.” Yowza. That’s leadership in 2017.

In the meantime, the evening news could be delivered by the Grinch who stole Christmas. An alleged child molester was on the cusp of representing Alabama in the U.S. Senate and so many others are resigning from seats in Congress, state houses, city halls and other public offices that we might have to go to Skid Row to get a quorum for the next legislative session.

Diogenes was looking for an honest man, but we’ll settle for anyone who hasn’t touched another human being in an inappropriate way in the last 50 years.

Just think: If the standards in place now had been in place a year ago, history would have been different. The future, too.

But if the facts haven’t changed in the past year, the definition of truth has. No one can tell for sure, because we haven’t seen much truth lately. And when we do, it is immediately denigrated as fake news. Segments of populations in this nation and others around the world each seem to have decided to stake out their own version of truth — if not the simple truth, the actual truth, then at least the truth you want. Take your pick. Choose your facts. Choose a side. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

If we can’t have a major miracle this year, maybe we can have a minor one. Maybe we survive the threatened nuclear attack by North Korea, and fend off the sporadic attempts of publicity seeking madmen bearing bombs or automatic weapons, and even see politicians that have both a spine and a heart, maybe even a mind, and get something done that inspires us all.

Or is that humbug?