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Letter: US women falling for liberal propaganda

Molly Tibbetts was on the news frequently until the news broke she was murdered by someone here illegally. Then she was just "some girl," according to the propagandists. Her murder by an illegal migrant was not the "real problem." Kate Steinle, Molly Tibbetts, put your daughter, sister, girlfriend or your name in the blank and maybe then you will see that crime from illegal immigration is a "real problem."

The propaganda is very effective and woman especially are falling for the lies. Showing children behind wire fencing from the Obama administration and saying it was happening because of Trump is one example. I could fill this paper almost daily with fake news/propaganda. In 1930s, Nazi Germany reporters found it hard not to start sympathizing with the Nazis even thought they knew the information they were getting wasn't the truth. The globalists are achieving the same effect with many Americans, especially women.


America has provided women with the greatest opportunity, freedom and status of any country in the world ever. Some European countries may have been close years ago, but since the recent migration of refugees, things are much worse for woman in these same countries. Sweden has "groping guards" at pools and separate swim times now. Talk to people from other countries, especially woman, and most of them will tell you they want to come to America, and not with the hopes America will become more like where they are.

Hillary was asked if there would have been a "me too" movement if she had been elected President. It is funny to watch her hesitate and slowly say yes. She knows that "me too" only happened because Trump was elected she couldn't protect the Weinsteins of the world anymore.


Trump is helping women culturally and economically. I remember when we had Black & Decker and London Fog in Carroll County paying good wages for thousands of workers. Baltimore had Bethlehem Steel and GM and more. Globalist propaganda tricked Americans and America has suffered while China, Mexico and others have prospered at our expense. Trump is undoing what has taken domestic enemies years to accomplish. America is divided because the leftist and globalist propaganda is working among people that are not honestly seeking the truth. You now have to work at being informed and resist believing the propaganda.

Myles Stanley