Letter: Dems' hypocrisy ignores recent past

The Democrat media and establishment want socialism so bad they look like fools trying to ignore the recent past. They avoid civil discourse due to their overwhelming hypocrisy. They dismiss true statements as mish-mash and act like they are so superior that anyone with a different opinion shouldn't opine unless they have read certain books. This elitist attitude is partly why Trump won.

One such topic is the Dems accusing Trump of doing what they were doing with Russia.


Obama mocked Romney for calling Russia our No. 1 threat, eliminated the plans to put back our missile defense in Poland and the Czech Republic practically inviting Putin to invade Ukraine and annex Crimea. Millions of dollars went to Clinton for our uranium and Obama told Russia's Prime Minister to tell Putin he'd "have more flexibility" after my election.

Obama said, "There is no serious person out there that would even suggest somehow that you could even rig America's elections."

Another one of Obama's many socialist lies was, "you can keep you doctor" with Obamacare and premiums and deductibles will go down.

Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare said they couldn't be transparent and depended on the "stupidity" of the American voter.

Democrats have been depending on the government schools to dumb the public down for decades. For instance, the word "democracy" doesn't appear in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence or any of the constitutions of the states. But they are determined to teach people we are a Democracy and fighting for democracy. Also, science hasn't proven evolution or global warming but has proven that men and women are biologically different. They teach the opposite and bully anyone who disagrees. The Second Amendment is not about self-defense but about resisting tyranny. The establishment knows this but is counting on the stupidity of the voter.

Reading the hate letters and veiled threats to Del. Haven Shoemaker, I wonder what these writers think they would do if they lived in an oppressive country. The answer is nothing. They would go along with the group think like sheep. They would live with slavery and persecute whoever they were told to.

My book suggestion is "Lethal Laws: Gun Control is the Key to Genocide." Written by three Holocaust survivors displaying the actual documents (laws) written in countries before the genocides of certain groups and explaining the importance of the ownership of small arms to free people.

Myles Stanley