Letter: Delegate wonders whether Democratic opponent supports Jealous

In an effort to show everyone just what a left-wing lunatic he is, Democratic candidate for Governor Ben Jealous expressed his support on Twitter for an extremely vulgar tweet that attacked our law enforcement community. Coming from the guy who uttered obscenities at a reporter who asked a legitimate question, I guess none of us should be surprised. Clearly, Ben is a class act.

Now, let me say that I am fully supportive of our law enforcement folks. Again and again, as an elected official, I've tried to demonstrate that support through words and actions. As a consequence, the Carroll County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 20 has endorsed my candidacy in each of the last three election years. They've also endorsed my colleagues, Sen. Ready and Dels. Krebs and Rose. We're proud of that.


At the state level, the Maryland Fraternal Order of Police has endorsed the candidacy of Gov. Hogan. After seeing Ben Jealous in action, it's no wonder.

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It would be interesting to hear what our Democratic opponent thinks of Jealous. She's already expressed support for his $24 billion budget-busting universal health-care plan, which would cost every Marylander about $3,000 per year. She's also openly embraced the likes of Martin O'Malley and Brian Frosh. Now, it's time to stop being coy, and take a position on ol' Ben.

As the Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party noted: "Every Democratic candidate today has a choice to make: do they stand with Ben Jealous and his obscene attacks on our law enforcement community or do they stand with our brave officers who protect and serve us in the face of danger each and every day." What say you, Emily?

Haven Shoemaker


The writer is a Republican state delegate representing District 5 seeking re-election.