Letter: Delegate — Democrats out of touch with America

Firstly, I want to thank the people of Carroll County for voting for my colleagues and me, thereby making us the Republican nominees for another term in the Maryland House of Delegates from District 5. And the overwhelming manner in which we won is much appreciated. We are certainly proud to be our party's standard bearers.

But what a sorry state today's Democrat party finds itself in! No friends, this isn't my dear ol' daddy's party of Truman, JFK, Humphrey, Scoop Jackson, Mo Udall, and Marvin Mandell. Nowadays, this is the party of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer, Maxine Waters and Ben Jealous. Pathetic!


And what do they stand for, other than resisting Trump? Well, apparently, they stand for rolling back tax cuts, abolishing ICE, open borders, and pretty much free everything.

This radical shift to the left hasn't just happened at the national level, but at the state and local levels too. The Democrat nominee for Governor, Ben Jealous, is a limousine socialist who wants to redistribute the wealth much like his good friend and supporter, Bernie Sanders. If you liked Martin O'Malley, you'll love this guy.

And here locally, the Democrats have put up a lady to run against us who's claim to fame is that she's part of the resistance movement, a proud member of the ACLU, someone who "was in full geek-out mode to meet" crazy leftist Brian Frosh, and who supports more gun grabbing.

You see, this is why the Democrat party is in the most woeful state it has been in since 1928. They have completely divorced themselves from the moderate and conservative America. And this is why, thanks to the good people of Carroll County, I am proud to have and "R" next to my name on November's ballot. And, I would ask for the vote of anyone, Republican, Democrat or Independent, who feels that I have done a good job of reflecting the values of Carroll County's folks down in Annapolis.

Haven N. Shoemaker Jr.


The writer is a Republican candidate for House of Delegates representing District 5.