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Democracy Lab at Carroll Community College seeks to promote understanding | READER COMMENTARY

Democracy Lab seeks to promote understanding

In his latest op-ed, Chris Roemer laments the “long gone days” of “agree to disagree.”

In recent years, citizens across the nation have responded to the polarization of political discourse by taking matters into their own hands. The result has been a proliferation of grassroots organizations committed to fostering dialogue and mutual understanding across political and ideological divides.


Here in Carroll County, perhaps the newest such venture is Democracy Lab. Operating under the auspices of Carroll Community College, Democracy Lab is a nonpartisan, community-driven project aimed at fostering the kinds of skills, habits, and relationships a healthy democracy requires.

On Sept. 22, the Lab hosted a communication workshop focused on developing skills vital for constructive political exchange.


Sarah Star, Westminster

Star is founder of the Carroll Community College Democracy Lab

Tom Gordon: I’ll be an advocate for District 3

In the general election, voters in District 3 will determine the leadership and direction of our county. We need leadership that has knowledge, understanding, and practical real-world experience.

As a lifelong resident of Westminster, its residents and organizations have had a great impact on who I am today. Carroll County Public Schools and McDaniel College have provided me with valuable skills to help me become a small-business owner exposed to a variety of socio-economic experiences and familiar with various economic developments.

As a board member of the Boys & Girls Club of Westminster, and former member of the Carroll County Land Trust and the historical society, I am committed to the betterment of our community and its long-term viability. We must work to maintain a balance between community preservation and economic innovation. It is this vision and understanding which, as your commissioner, will enable me to be an advocate for District 3 and ALL county residents. I will see the job to completion — my door is always open.

Many times, we see government-employed insiders and typical politicians who attempt to improve their resumes and climb the political ladder. I am not employed by a state agency, and I am not beholden to the interests of these organizations. I will serve the people of Carroll County. I have experience and bring real world knowledge to the job.

My priority issues include supporting our emergency services — the brave and heroic fire, EMS, and law enforcement personnel who protect our community. I will advocate for small business, Main Street vitality, and a strong economic future for our county. We must continue to support agriculture, one of our top industries, and look for innovative methods to improve it, such as hydroponic greenhouses and agritourism. Additionally, we must support our schools and teachers to provide high-quality instruction to shape and educate our children and future generations.

My endorsements for commissioner show broad support in our community including Sheriff Jim DeWees, state Sen. Justin Ready, the Carroll County Education Association, the Carroll County Professional Fire Fighters, and others.


I am ready to work for you to tackle any opportunities and challenges. We have a firm foundation in our community and by focusing on the priorities, we will continue to have a thriving economic and community-centric home.

I ask for your vote in November.

Tom Gordon, Westminster

Gordon is a Republican candidate for Carroll County commissioner in District 3