Letter: Judge Titus focused on community, not just court

Hello, my name is Allison Lord, and I am a high school freshman at Westminster High School.

As a student, I participated in our school's mock trial team as a plaintiff attorney.


The way that our county's mock trial competition worked was each school studied the year's case and prepared a defense and plaintiff case with the assistance of lawyer and teacher coaches. We learned things like how to study a case, direct and cross examine witnesses, object and improve our public speaking. Each week, the different schools would face off in real courtrooms with real judges.

Being on the the team this year was a great experience to practice and learn skills and make connections with lawyers and judges. One of the connections I made was with candidate for Circuit Court Judge, Judge Titus.

Judge Titus presided over many of our team's mock trial competitions, including as head judge in finals. He dedicated his time each week to listen to the same case told different ways by high-schoolers, even after listening to real cases all day.

After each competition, Judge Titus would always come into the well of the courtroom and explain the rulings he made on a case and give constructive criticism to both teams to help them improve. He always said that regardless of who won, each team was skilled and had a lot of potential.

Judge Titus is not just focused on current day-to-day operations of the court, but also to ensuring the future of Carroll County. Please vote to retain Judge Titus. I would, except I'm not yet 18.

Allison Lord