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Bills sponsored by state Democrats should cause some concern; a way to spend less on eggs | READER COMMENTARY

Be prepared to give up wealth and rights under Democrats’ agenda

The progressive Democrat-dominated Maryland General Assembly has opened and with a like-minded governor the extremist Democrats prepare to force their agenda on Maryland.

The first extreme bill is Senate Bill 1 sponsored by State Sen. Jeff Waldstreicher of Montgomery County. The bill would basically prohibit law-abiding gun owners from carrying a firearm outside their home. If signed into law, it will probably find its way to the US Supreme Court.


Another extreme and useless gun control bill is SB 159 sponsored by Sen. Shelly Hettleman of Baltimore County. This will would establish a voluntary Do Not Sell Firearms Registry to be administered by the Maryland State Police. Under this bill people, can voluntarily put themselves on a list so no one can sell them a firearm. I am sure Democrats and members of the Bloods, Crips and other gangs will run right down to a Maryland State Police barracks to register.

State Sen. Cheryl Kagan of Montgomery County sponsors SB 126. This bill would remove a requirement from the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission that an individual be a permanent legal resident of the United States or an honorably discharged veteran from the U.S. Armed Forces. Sounds like Kagan wants illegal aliens to serve as police officers.


On the House side, Del. Marlon Amprey of Baltimore City sponsors HB 49 titled the “Economic Justice and Racial Reconciliation Act.“ This bill would establish a commission “to study racial disparities in wealth and resources as a result of tax laws and systems in place in the state from the Reconstruction Era through the establishment of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964.”

According to the bill, the commission would recommend compensation to the African-American community for racial disparities. This is the reparations bill for perceived injustices.

Del. Gabriel Acevero of Montgomery County sponsors HB 25 to establish the Healthy Maryland Program. This would establish “comprehensive universal single-payer health care services for residents of the state by January 1, 2025.”

Acevero continues his extremist behavior with HB 88. The bill would prohibit police officers from “affiliating with, supporting or advocating for White supremacist groups ... .” This must be a really huge problem if a bill is needed.

There are dozens of bills that range from ridiculous to extreme from the Democrats. Most call for you to give up your wealth and rights.

Scott Hollenbeck, Westminster

Support local egg farms with costs rising

While the cost of eggs in grocery stores (“Eggs Prices Spur Sticker Shock” — Jan 14) has increased dramatically in recent weeks, the price at some local egg farms has remained the same. My farm of choice, Brothers Valley on Bachmans Valley Road, has delicious fresh eggs for $3 a dozen. Seeking out a local egg farm is a win-win — you save money and support a farmer in your community.

Fran Cincotta, Westminster


No outrage over banning abortion?

Where’s the outrage over banning abortion?

According to the Washington Post, Jan. 12, Sen.r Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, a conservative Democrat, opposes the ban of gas stoves with this statement:“The federal government has no business telling American families how to cook their dinner.” However, I don’t hear his outrage that the federal government, in banning abortion, apparently feels it has the right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body.

Patricia Roop Hollinger, Westminster