Letter: Vote Democrat Shank in House of Delegates race

As we approach an enormously critical midterm election, where incumbents up and down the ballot will be judged (by hopefully a large turnout of voters), the choice that we have to make in the state delegate race right here in Carroll County is clearer than ever before.

We will have two Republican delegates representing Carroll's District 5 next year, that much is set in stone. What about the third seat?


I say: Enough with politicians in this county demonizing people that they are supposed to represent because they don't agree with them politically. Enough with politicians in this county that don't stand up for the first amendment rights of all of our citizens. Enough with politicians that operate fully in their own self-interest.

Some of our representatives are out of touch with what is going on in this county. A great example of this was one of our delegates pushing for a new high school to be built in the face of declining enrollment and budget deficits in the county. Just a few short years later, we had to painfully close a different long-established community school (North Carroll High).

The point is, it's time for a new face that is up to speed with the happenings in our community.

Do you want a delegate who will represent each and every Carroll countian?

Do you want a delegate who will go to bat for you no matter what your political beliefs, race, sexual orientation, or religion may be?

Do you want a delegate who wants to fully fund education, properly serve our underprivileged and special needs students, and recruit well-paid, high quality teachers into our county?

Do you want a delegate who is committed to expanding treatment options for residents in our county and our state struggling with addiction?

Do you want a delegate who is serious about fiscal responsibility, and not wasting taxpayer's hard earned money?

Do you want someone who can actually get something done, buck the Annapolis machine, and bring something back home instead of just warming a seat in a committee?

If you do, then the choice isn't even close. You should vote for Emily Shank to be your third representative in Annapolis.

Zach Hands


The writer is the campaign manager for Emily Shank, a Democratic candidate for the House of Delegates representing District 5.