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Letter: Applying social media principles to real life

I have had it with social media; done with Twitter, Instagram and especially with that hocus pocus fidibus thing called "Facebook!" I pushed the dislike button and dediced to take my showcase on the road and face the nation in person while applying the same principles. I went to shopping centers, malls and parks and made contact with people by telling them what I ate last night, what I had for breakfast, how I feel, where I go for vacation and show them pictures of my newly planted dingel-berry bush, my goldfish and dachshund and my grandchildren making mud pies and snow angles.

The result was very encourging. People responded by giving me directions to Clifton T. Perkins, Spring Grove and Springfield Hospital Center and said the patients there would be very happy to hear my narratives and see my pictures. Also people I met responded with emotional motions like a thumbs up, high-fives, eye rolles and the Baltimore Beltway one-finger salute.


The venture, in my book, was a great success. I have already six people following me: two cops, one psychiatrist, two layers and a guy in a white coat carrying a straight jacket.

Eat your heart out Mr. Zuckerberg.