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Letters: Greed and power root of many problems

I would like to comment on the article in your paper, Oct. 21, written by Dean Minnich, "History is a Big Carosel."

Mr. Minnich mentions how our leaders are incompetent and how our government is corrupt. He mentions about the abundance of green and the unethical actions of our politicains.


He couldn't resist mentioning the right wing, while quietly chastising our President. He failed to mention anything about the left wing, the lying, crooked, unethical behavior of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

When George Wallace ran for president years ago, he said one thing that was true then and I feel is true today. He said, "there's not a dimes worth of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans."


We make excuses for the behaviors of politicians we endorse and chastise forever the opposition. We make excuses for the unethical and unpatriotic behavior of sports figures. We make excuses for many of those committing crimes.

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These problems can all be traced back to the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve committed the original sin. Since then the sin nature of man has been inherited by everyone. The Bible says we all sin and fall short to the glory of God. You, Mr. Minnich, and everyone else including the clergy have inherited that sin nature.

Greed and power are the cause of a lot of our problems. I read once that a billionaire was asked how much more he wanted. He said, "just a little bit more."

Unfortunately, Mr. Minnich, these things will continue until God puts his foot down. If these things continue to rapidly accelerate it may not be long until the carousel stops.

Mr. Minnich included sports in his article. Many years ago, there was a professional baseball player named Shoeless Joe Jackson. Mr. Jackson was caught up in a baseball scandal. He was an idol of this little boy. When the boy found out about it, he stood up with tears in his eyes and yelled "say it isn't so Joe, say it isn't so!"

I have no sports idols but I do idolize the United States of America. I also idolize Uncle Sam. I want to echo the little boy by saying, "Please, please Uncle Sam, say these things are not so."

Marvin Flickinger