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Actions taken following ‘16, ‘20 elections not equivalent

I watched the remains of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick arrive to lie in state in the building he served so faithfully. Officer Sicknick served in the Air Force and National Guard prior to his service on the Hill. He was a supporter of Donald Trump, yet I have witnessed a testimonial by a former aide to Speaker Pelosi that he held the Capitol doors open for her and comforted her on the day after the 2016 election.

As I watched, I shed tears for Sicknick and for all that has been lost in our nation over the last four years. You see, while I watched, I also read Rick Blatchford’s bi-weekly diatribe. He continues to inspire division and hatred by ridiculing those of us who truly grieved when Trump won his first run for office. Yes, Mr. Blatchford, this “leftist” shed tears, lamented, and then rallied peacefully in Washington with 2 million others who needed to express our desire that the years of equality and inclusion would not be undone. I then continued my decades long volunteering for the Democratic Party, including an active local campaign for the winning presidential candidate this past November.


What I did not do was storm our Capitol with an angry mob. I did not call for the death of my opponents. I most certainly did not call for the hanging of one of my own because he disagreed with me. I did not murder police officers nor trample to death a member of my own gang of thugs. In short, there is absolutely no equivalency between the actions of the opposition in 2016 and in 2020.

As an aside, I frequently “switch channels” as important events unfold. I was disappointed that while MSNBC and CNN gave the evening event full coverage, Fox News chose to provide a less than one-minute glimpse. Instead, I was treated to Hannity’s usual vitriol and Ingraham referring to our current President, Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates as “idiots.” Fox did cover the memorial service on Wednesday morning, but the commentator repeatedly mispronounced the name of the deceased. I urge regular Fox News viewers to express your disappointment in how the death of this American hero was treated.


Corynne B. Courpas


Echo chambers, truth, and common sense

For the past four years I have watched as the country has been ripped apart. It started in 2016 when Trump was elected President and the Democrats and media had a nervous breakdown. And like a recent post stated, I too am exhausted by the Trump/Trump supporter bashing we’ve endured since that time. And it’s only increasing. What’s happening to the First Amendment? How dare we question the integrity of the last election!

Regarding the election, common sense says that if there was nothing to hide, then why the secrecy? Truth is perfectly OK with being exposed to scrutiny and the light of day.

Common sense asks why are conservatives becoming the new pariahs? Why are they suddenly not worthy to be on social media, or even in some cases, have a job if they express an opinion not in agreement with the “Ministry of Truth”? Again, I think the First Amendment is still in effect.

Common sense also asks just what is it about Conservatives that has the Left in such a tizzy that some of them would like to see us disappear off the face of the planet?

What exactly are they afraid of?

Mary Higgs



Thanks columnist, silence of others speaks volumes

I want to commend Chris Roemer’s Community Voices column taking to task the man who punched Henry Reiff because Mr. Reiff was carrying a Biden-Harris sign.

Some time ago I challenged the usual so-called conservative columnists and letter writers in the Times to do exactly that. Only Mr. Roemer has done so. And for that, I want to thank him. While I don’t agree with nearly everything he says in the column, his comments are reasonable, and I defend his right to express them.

As far as the other columnists and letter writers I challenged, their silence speaks volumes. Maybe their silence regarding the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol also tells us a lot about them. Silence does imply consent.

Frank Rammes