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Letter: The Party of Hillary

This is in response to Tom Zirpoli's article "The Party of Trump." Tom Zirpoli wrote he "always wondered what The National Enquier had against Hillary Clinton ?" He now knows because "the owner of the Enquirer, David Pecker, is friends with Trump. ... Trump appears to have useful friends in the media. The National Enquirer and Fox News are two examples," he wrote.

Speaking of friends in high places like the media and government, let's look at Hillary Clinton's useful friends at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC News, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Justice Department (Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Deputy, then Acting, Attorney General Sally Yates), IRS (Lois Lerner) and the FBI (Director James Comey, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, agent Pete Strzok and attorney Lisa Page). Uranium One founder Frank Giustra gave $130 million to the Clinton Foundation and the Chairman, Ian Telfer, gave millions that was never properly disclosed to the public as required by law.


Zirpoli also said "Trump made no mention of fairness after numerous unarmed black men were shot by police or, recently, when two black men were inappropriately arrested at Starbucks."

On Thursday, April 19, two Gilchrist County sheriff's deputies, Sgt. Noel Ramirez and Deputy Taylor Lindsey, were ambushed and murdered in Trenton, Florida, when a man went inside a restaurant, where the deputies were eating, and shot them in cold blood. The news simply stated the murderer was John Highnote, but I never saw a picture of him, or heard a motive. On April 20, CBS News said 23 police officers have been shot and killed so far this year. But, that was the last mainstream news coverage concerning the Gilchrist County sheriff's deputies murders that I saw.


Speaking of fairness: Why was the arrest of two people for trespassing at Starbucks in Philadelphia on April 12 called a "National Outrage" by and on the mainstream local and National news everyday and night for well over a week? Yet, the local and national coverage of the ambush and murder of two sheriff's deputies on Thursday was gone by the weekend. The reason is simple. The Democratic Party controls the mainstream media and murdered sheriff's deputies does not fit the liberal, self-righteous, false narrative: that people of color are victims, unjustly persecuted by racist police and their bigot supporters like Donald Trump.

Carl Burdette