Letter: Ignorance keeping Carroll from political independence

Our number one obstacle preventing the political independence of Carroll County is "ignorance;" political science ignorance to be precise. The prevailing myth propagating within the county's Democrat and Republican parties is that commissioner government is cheaper and financially advantageous over independent government. For our county to thrive in Maryland, we must declare our independence from the Democrats ' control of the General Assembly and write our own local constitution.

The number one tenet of our U.S. Constitution is the separation of executive and legislative authority. Hence, Articles One and Two clearly concentrate on defining this ideology. Our Founding Fathers, in their genius, gave us the most efficient and effective civil administration system ever conceived. Yet, here we are 229 years later governed under a political structure created pre-Constitution under British colonial rule. That's right, we are still using the system we revolted against in the Revolutionary War!


Legislatures make law, not execute it. Executives enforce law, not make it.

Commissioner boards violate that sacred division espoused by Hamilton and Madison in The Federalist Papers. Our county government would operate more efficiently with one CEO directing the departments, while a separate deliberating body establishes policy. This structure is comparable to a corporation with a board of directors and CEO.?Successful businesses are organized this way for efficiency.

Carroll's current arrangement costs us, the taxpayers, money with the unclear chain of command/organizational structure. Would you like to work for five separate bosses who frequently disagree? Of course not, nor do our county employees. It is a fallacy that independent county government is costlier, there is no financial data proving this claim. It is the biggest propaganda lie of "ignorance."

Four things cause local government budget increases: population growth, economic inflation, federal/state mandated funding, and who we elect to set the budget. We only have control over the last and little or none over the others. Carroll County is the premier Republican county in Maryland but is like an adult child living in their parent's house. Talk a big story while the General Assembly (parents) oversees them. See the connection why Democrats like keeping commissioner government here? "Ignorance" is cured by education. Neil deGrasse Tyson said, "The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it."

Support my leadership as I prepare to deliver Carroll County's independence!

Christopher "Eric" Bouchat


The writer is the Republican nominee for county commissioner in District 4.