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Carroll County school board decision on masks wrong; wipers on, headlights on; Biden and the Afghanistan debacle | READER COMMENTARY

School board decision on masks wrong

The decision made by the Board of Education of Carroll County last week was a blatant political ploy on the part of board president Marsha Herbert and members Donna Sivigny, Tara Battaglia and Ken Kiler to kowtow to the county’s ultra conservative voices who fervently believe their rights and the rights of their children are being infringed upon by the State Board of Education.

The state board voted on Sept. 14 to require for universal masking in all Maryland public schools. The Carroll board held an emergency meeting Monday to refute that mandate and voted 4-1 to make masks optional until after the state decision is ratified by a General Assembly committee.


As a resident of this county, I am astounded at the lack of forethought, regard for public safety, and basic humanitarian responsibility displayed by these elected officials. In a mask optional situation, if one student in a classroom tests positive, all unmasked individuals in contact with the infected individual also need to quarantine, including teachers and school support staff. This is a no brainer.

The county board has proven that they are not only incompetent but dangerous.


And to speak directly to Herbert, I am also a “Carroll County girl.” I have lived here since 1987. I’m not a farmer, but I respect them. I respect your knowledge of horses and farming and high school sports. And I also taught for CCPS for 35 years. You’re wrong, your decision was wrong. And good luck fighting the State Board of Education.

Denise Johnson, Sykesville

Wipers on, headlights on

On my way to Westminster and back to Sykesville during Ida’s rains, I counted 23 cars and four commercial vehicles that were disobeying the decades-old “wipers on, headlights on” law.

I wondered if these drivers are the same people who deny the efficacy of wearing masks and/or getting vaccinated as their “personal freedom” is being impinged. In all three cases, it’s all about public and personal safety too.

Gordon Huggins, Sykesville

Biden and the Afghanistan disgrace

The withdraw from Afghanistan didn’t have to be this way.

Regardless of what President Joe Biden said in his egotistical Aug. 31 speech, he owns this national disgrace. Biden praised his efforts and displayed no self-reflection for the crisis he created.

Biden blames former President Donald Trump saying he could not change the withdraw date (Biden changed 22 Trump policies/dates), which he had changed to Sept. 11, then arbitrarily picked Aug. 31.


Biden also fails to mention President Barack Obama (when Biden was vice president) was first to negotiate with the Taliban, and Trump had a conditioned based withdraw were he would stop and bomb them until they complied. Trump killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr Baghdadi, Iranian General Soleimani, destroyed the ISIS Caliphate and not one American died in Afghanistan since February 2020 until Aug. 25. Biden legitimized terrorists, got 13 Americans killed and gave the Caliphate (land) back to the Taliban.

Biden said he planned for every contingency. He didn’t.

Biden said it would be an orderly withdraw. It wasn’t.

Biden said no Americans would be left behind. They were.

Biden left the secure Bagram Air Base to use the unsecured airport in Kabul. Biden left tens-of-thousands of military vehicles and hundreds-of-thousand of arms to the Taliban.Biden profoundly damaged our international credibility and was rebuked by the British House of Parliament, while emboldening our enemies like China, Iran, Russia etc.

Biden has said the biggest threat to America is white supremacy. Leading the diplomatic effort is Secretary of State Antony Blinken who let the Chinese lecture him about America’s shortcomings, invited the UN to investigate systemic racism in America and authorized U.S. embassies to fly the Black Lives Matter flag.


General Mark Milley apologized for walking to St. Johns church with Trump during the Capitol riots, pushed back when Trump requested federal troops to quell the riot, allowed the LGBTQ flag over our Afghanistan Embassy and preached about white-rage, rather than studying Taliban rage. Withdraw from a hostile nation has nothing to do with diversity, equity, inclusion, or identity. No wonder this group was surprised by the eleven day Taliban takeover.

Democrats impeached Trump over one Ukrainian telephone-call claiming our national security was compromised. Biden allowed terrorists, who have actually killed and wounded thousands of Americans, to get billions in U.S. armaments. Will he be Impeached? Biden said the war is over: the Taliban didn’t say that.

Carl Burdette, Westminster