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Issue with Carroll County sheriff’s deputy an unmitigated disaster | READER COMMENTARY

Issue with sheriff’s deputy an unmitigated disaster

This is to comment on a problem in the justice system in Carroll County. It’s come to light that a sheriff’s deputy was less than honest in applying for warrants (Carroll County assistant prosecutor resigns as judges refuse to hear cases due to sheriff’s deputy’s credibility, June 16). This has thrown an unknown number of prosecutions in doubt. And possibly might cause a number of previous convictions this deputy was a part of to be thrown out.

When questioned about this, Haven Shoemaker, a candidate for State’s Attorney, said the situation was “not optimal.” No, Mr. Shoemaker, not optimal is having it rain the day of a cookout. Not optimal is having to pitch to Yankees slugger Aaron Judge in the ninth inning. Not optimal is getting stuck on the Bay Bridge on the way to Ocean City. This problem looks like it’s going to cost the taxpayers a lot of money, and may result in a number of convicted people set free.


Not optimal? I’d say it’s more like an unmitigated disaster. I’d hope a candidate for State’s Attorney realizes that.

Frank H. Rammes, Westminster


Willens vows to fight for county

I joined the Army after Sept. 11, 2001 , and in January, I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel with 20 years of active-duty service and Iraq deployment. For 18 of those years, I served at Army installations throughout Maryland. I am also a veterinarian and animal hospital owner, board certified in preventive medicine, and I hold a Ph.D. in pharmacology. My enduring love for this nation of opportunity as an iconic force for good in this world now drives me to serve in another capacity, as your liaison and voice in Annapolis. My plan for Carroll County is grounded in the ABCs — the three pillars of Agriculture, Business, and Children.

Agriculture is not just integral to the heritage and economy of Carroll, it’s critical to the land preservation and conservation initiatives that made us exemplary environmental stewards. We desperately need agriculture and public health experts in the General Assembly to combat junk science and public interest groups. As a veterinarian-scientist, I will aggressively support our farmers and promote animal health and welfare.

Taxes have increased everywhere, for farmers and businesses, for families and retirees, further driving precious human resources out of state and diminishing our tax base. As a business owner, I will champion growth and prosperity with the determination that I advocate for my own animal hospital.

As a parent concerned about our schools, I’m eager to protect rights of our youngest and most vulnerable, and keep them safe from drugs and violence, bullying and indoctrination, and unscientific and unconstitutional mandates. I will staunchly oppose any creep of mandates back into the schools, armed with the scientific and constitutional foundation to counter emotion, physical, and academic threats to our children. I will also partner with the Board of Education, Commissioners, Farm Bureau, and trade unions to enhance educational opportunities in agriculture and skilled trades.

I am not an incumbent, county official, or preordained, anointed successor. I am a retired soldier, and I remain pledged to the same oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and now the Maryland Constitution. I have the proven, enduring leadership and multidisciplinary experience to represent you in the most comprehensive and professional manner of any candidate. My plan is not just a vague, bulletized list poached from the party platform, that doesn’t describe the how or why I am equipped to accomplish it. I fought for America. I will fight for Carroll County.

Scott Willens, Westminster

Willens is a Republican candidate for the House of Delegates, District 5

Beware of political alliances

Thinking one step ahead, I cannot help but notice how the dangerous tentacles of absolute power could take over and engulf Carroll County administration and public offices. Suddenly, it becomes clear how the Clerk of the Court, the Sheriff’s and potentially the State Attorney’s offices could be subdued under the power of one man.


Heather DeWees serves as Clerk of the Circuit Court having graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s University and obtained a master’s degree from Wake Forest University. Although, this position would, in theory, require that candidates have a training in business management or criminal justice, Ms. DeWees won this position with a background in education. The more likely reason of her success — name recognition as wife of Sheriff Jim DeWees and the FOP’s endorsement.

If one throws in the State’s Attorney’s Office should Sheriff’s DeWees’ friend win the election on July 19, the trifecta will be completed. Why the sheriff would support an unqualified candidate for this important position should raise some serious questions. Haven Shoemaker has zero experience as a prosecutor and no vision of how to run that office.

Moreover, the Sheriff and his wife are currently running unopposed so no campaign is needed. Obviously, we’re witnessing how one hand washes the other.

The practice of favoritism in supporting people based on kinship and friendship and not on merit and qualifications is slowly creeping its way into Carroll County politics furthering corruption within the system. If potentially corrupt people help other potentially corrupt people get into key positions, then the county could face the danger of extreme injustice and inequality. Favoritism and nepotism, the red herring of politics, can lead to assigning important roles to individuals with minimal experience that can result, in turn, in poor work quality.

While it may seem a small issue at hand, it could potentially become crucial if power is controlled by a wife-husband and friend trifecta. We, as citizens of Carroll County, can vote people to represent us but we also have the duty to prevent such situations by not participating in raising such a monstrous alliance. Remember: power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Marci Jones, Finksburg