Letters: Columnist omits facts about Trump’s bungling of this crisis; Endorsing Judge Titus for Circuit Court; Don’t forget Obama’s role in this crisis

Columnist omits facts about Trump’s bungling of this crisis

Regarding the March 28 opinion piece of M.K. Sprinkle, I must respond to the typical Fox news version of truth with actual fact that does not contain the usual Fox lies of omission. Example: If I hide a section of the newspaper from someone in order to prevent her from learning about an epidemic in a foreign country, then I prevented her from acquiring a true belief about a distant epidemic.

Dec. 31: Chinese Health officials inform the WHO about a cluster of 41 patients with a mysterious pneumonia. Jan. 20: First U.S. case is reported. Jan. 30: WHO declares a global public-health emergency. Feb. 29: U.S. reports first death on American soil. A national emergency is declared over the novel coronavirus outbreak and on March 13 a leaked federal plan warns the new coronavirus pandemic “will last 18 months or longer” and may come in “multiple waves” of infection.


President Trump’s failure to respond to the coronavirus pandemic didn’t begin with the administration’s inability to immediately send out the millions of test kits and the protective medical gear for health care workers that experts say are needed to tackle the crisis. It didn’t start with Trump’s bungled messaging downplaying the crisis even as it’s worsened, nor with his insistence that social distancing measures could be lifted by Easter.

Trump’s bungle began in April 2018, [when] the Trump administration began dismantling the team in charge of pandemic response. The cuts, coupled with the administration’s repeated calls to cut the budget for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health agencies, made it clear the Trump administration wasn’t prioritizing the federal government’s ability to respond to disease outbreaks. Also, Trump has rejected any accountability for the botched testing process, stating “I don’t take responsibility at all.”


And, might I remind Ms. Sprinkle that with regards to the Kennedy Center Trump remarked “I approved that.” “The Kennedy Center has suffered greatly, because nobody can go there — it’s essentially closed.” More Fox News type of omission that the typical red hat doesn’t bother to research. In that same interview reported by many stations Trump also stated, “You know, it works that way. The Democrats have treated us fairly,”

I am forever grateful that Maryland has a governor who is smart and quick to respond. If we had to deal with only Trump and his cronies, we’d all be dead.

Sharon Galloway


Endorsing Judge Titus for Circuit Court

During this trying time, we need the pillars of our government to remain strong, effective and functional. The Judicial System is one of those pillars, which in conjunction with law enforcement ensures that we have a society that obeys the rule of law. During this upcoming election (as of this writing is now set for June), the citizens of Carroll County have an important decision to make.

There is a contested election for one of the spots on our Circuit Court. Richard Titus is the only person running who is a judge and has been approved by Gov. Hogan. As an attorney who has been practicing nearly a quarter of a century, I fully understand the importance of having a qualified bench. The Circuit Court handles all serious criminal cases, family law matters and all jury trials (I may have left out some additional areas that I do not practice). In other words, the Circuit Court makes the most important judicial decisions that affect our community and our daily lives. It is not a position that we should vote on lightly.

Judge Titus definitely possesses the test qualifications to be on the bench. Having personally tried a jury trial in front of him, I can attest that his fairness and keen judicial mindset were readily apparent. In my humble opinion, Judge Titus is exactly who we need to maneuver the citizens of Carroll County through this difficult time and those to come. That is why I am wholeheartedly endorsing Judge Titus for Carroll County Circuit Court Judge.

David Ellin


Don’t forget Obama’s role in this crisis

This is in response to David J Iacono’s “Lack of proactive response hurt America” letter in the April 1 edition of the Times.

In his letter he failed to mention that in 2005 a Stragetic National Stockpile was established for the exact situation we are addressing now. During the 2009 flu pandemic, 100 million masks were used and never replenished. If I’m not mistaken that would have been during the Obama administration.

Not sure how he or anyone else can point a finger at President Trump and not at President Obama.


Jay Hiner


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