Letters: Shame on those who acquitted Trump; Electoral college needed; Why do local police need automatic weapons?

Shame on those who acquitted Trump

That Donald Trump is guilty as sin of the two charges of impeachment is without question. Even more disturbing is the fact that many Republicans — especially those in the United States Senate — have chosen to ignore his guilt and brazenly defend him. These persons, simply put, are choosing party over country. Thanks God that one Republican senator — Mitt Romney — had the guts to stand up and state the truth and vote to convict.

I am 83 years old and what we saw in Washington is the singularly most despicable action I have seen in my long life. To watch US senators drive a stake through the heart of American constitutional government is enough to turn your stomach. History — and the thousands of Americans who have died on the battlefield to protect the United States — will never forget the shame of those who acquitted Donald Trump. Shame on all of you who did.


James G. Hirtle


Electoral college needed, Trump will win again

I always read with amusement the blathering from the left about conservatives and Republicans. However, to do away with the electoral college shows me that you are just a bunch of sore losers. The electoral college was included in the Constitution so that large populated states like California and New York could not elect a president without taking into account the will of the rest of the country.

If you think President Trump is inept, incompetent, corrupt and a liar, look no further than Obama, Clinton and their ilk. You need to chill out and buy a coloring book. In fact, do yourself a favor and buy an extra one so you will have it when President Trump is reelected.

Richard Zuback


Why do local police need automatic weapons?

I was surprised to learn that the Taneytown Police Department is stockpiling machine guns. Which of their residents, I wonder, are the Taneytown police anticipating having to mow down with automatic weapons?

How many Carroll County police departments have machine guns and who do they anticipate killing with them?


I propose that all the county police forces remove temptation from their trigger-happy chiefs and get rid of their heavy weapons.

Harry Eager


Disagrees with columnists, ‘Trump haters’

Columnist Dean Minnich wrote, “People see what they want to see and turn a blind eye to issues and actions that challenge their courage beyond the limits of their moral standards.” This from the man who ran as a Republican to get elected as a county commissioner and now shows his true colors. Talk about a blind eye!

To columnist Frank Batavick, I didn’t like your president, Mr. Obama, but I respected his office and the man. He was my president then and did his term of eight years as a do-nothing president, so be it. President Trump, from the day he took office, the Democrats said he would be impeached. they had all kinds of theories and made-up schemes. The Democratic Party was, is and will be obsessed with this man of the people being our great president. All their plots have been debunked. He wasn’t impeached by Congress but by the Democratic representatives.

I assure you, Mr. Batavick, come November, the American people will speak. They are not as stupid as your party seems to think. They will change the House, elect President Trump and you will suffer through four more years of my president leading this great nation.


As an afterthought, all you Trump haters have no Democratic candidate that you tout, no ideas, no plans. Your sole goal — hate Trump. As my grandma would say after hearing nonsense, tsk, tsk.

Harry Griffith