Going to miss trips to the Treat Shop

Living on West Green Street, I was able to walk to the Treat Shop. Mr and Mrs. Burk were lovely people. Their son, as well. A good stop coming home from school, too.

My two sons had Treat Shop Easter, as did I. I moved with it to Woolworth’s and the mall. I am so glad I shared those Easters, later with my granddaughters, the last two years. I even had it to delivered to my own parents while I was at Western Maryland College. And I was so excited when they had a chocolate cow figure.


Thank you, Mr. Alban, for carrying on the business for so long. I still get asked in letters about the Treat Shop. Unique to most and special.

So I have outlived the Treat Shop, but not the memories.

Trudy H. Snader

New Windsor

We have an obligation to vote for decency

The specter of President Donald Trump is not unique. America Before Trump has faced similar specters across the planet.

Seems like he has in mind one way or another to starting an entirely new and evil grouping of nations which would be led by good ol’ boy billionaires, dictators, flim-flammers, crooks, bigots and liars across our planet, forget the climate crisis, forget our right to affordable health care, forget mass shootings, forget common decency.

Imagine. Even if Trump were to be brought to justice by his peers and were to serve jail time, it appears that we will have to put up with his narcissism for decades. His Twitter account will not end. Fox News will have him be a commentator. The rallies might never stop.

But we Americans must not allow such a man in our Oval Office to tear up our Constitution. In the voting booth our only obligation to our children and grandchildren is to vote for decency. We already have the law.

John D. Witiak

Union Bridge

Should Christians support Trump for president?

Today I heard on the TV an influential Christian leader comment that “Christians should support [President Donald] Trump ... primarily because he’s against abortion." Trump has demonstrated this by picking conservative judges to the Supreme Court.

It seems far more appropriate and accurate to discern Trump’s true morale character by looking at his life, language and lies. We may have a Supreme Court that opposes abortions, but we have a president whose life reflects so many, many non-Christian traits.

Wallace Wolff