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Letters: Who's the real threat to democracy?, no need to spend megabucks to combat carbon dioxide

Who’s the real threat to democracy?

This is in response to Mitch Edelman's May 21 column “The greatest threat to democracy: Trump” and Frank Batavick's May 17 column “How checks and balances are suppose to work.” Edelman said: the House exercised its lawful prerogative to demand the President's tax returns and bank records from 2013 to 2018. Trump's out-of-control and trying to deny a coequal branch of government its power. His actions threaten the structure of constructional government. Batavick said: The Mueller report describes how Trump and his staff knew of, encouraged and benefited from Russian efforts to elect him. More subpoenas, fines, prison time and impeachment may be in the offing.

The House has oversight in legislative matters, but not authority to conduct an inquisition and do-over of the DOJ, Mueller investigation. That's not coequal governance, that's an abomination. Batavick statements are also wrong, he just wants subpoenas, fines and prison time if you support Trump.


President Trump didn't use executive privilege during the two-year, $35-million Mueller investigation, which found no evidence that Trump, or anyone in his campaign, conspired, or coordinated with Russia during the presidential election.

Mueller reneged on obstruction of justice, leaving it up to AG Barr, who stated there's not sufficient evidence to establish that Trump committed obstruction of justice. Alan Dershowitz, professor emeritus at Harvard Law School, stated “Trump was clearly authorized to fire Comey” and “every crime, including obstruction-of-justice requires a criminal act and intent. There was no crime and the obstruction-of-justice act cannot be an act by the president that is constitutionally authorized. The report is a complete exoneration.”


Who's the threat to our democracy? Trump, who has been persecuted by the lying Democrats and their servile media for over two years for a crime he did not commit? Or, the self-righteous, hyper-partisan Democratic attempts to do-over the Muller report using the very thing they claim to be protecting us from, the Russian/Stalin dictum: show me the man and I'll find you the crime.

Dershowitz also stated “this election has exacerbated the long standing problem of criminalizing policy differences. We are quick to confuse differences in policy with charges of criminal behavior.” “This deeply undemocratic fallacy — that political sins must be investigated and prosecuted as criminal — has been a pervasive mistake running through the media coverage of the Trump administration”. “This transformation of politics - in which elections can be undone by prosecution, endangers not only civil liberties, but democracy itself.”

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Carl Burdette


Target of climate alarmists, carbon dioxide, a minuscule player

First, the obvious. Earth's climate will continue to change, as it always has, with or without mankind. What influences climate on Earth? It begins with the sun and its cyclical fluctuations, waxing and waning in strength over time. Our star is heating up with age, becoming 10% hotter every billion years. So we actually have roughly 250 million years left of planet habitability. Our orbit is elliptical and its course varies over time, altering the amount of solar heating we get. Our own magnetic field is weakening, having lost 6% in strength over the last 100 years. This allows more heating effect reaching Earth's surface. Also our axil tilt wobbles in cycles, allowing for changes in planetary heat distribution.

Earth itself features ongoing plate tectonics, reshaping continental masses over time. This alters wind and ocean currents which also impacts climates over the continents. Fissures along these plate boundaries produce volcanoes, earthquakes and lava flows that heat Earth's oceans and crust. Meanwhile they belch greenhouse gases like methane, carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) plus water vapor, etc. Methane gas, for example, is 25 times more effective as a greenhouse gas than CO2. Lets not forget that CO2 is currently .0410 ppm which is less than 1/10th of 1 percent of total atmospheric volume. This represents an historic low over just the last 500 million years of geologic history. For CO2 levels were as high as 2.500 ppm over long intervals during this timespan. And all this without a human presence for 99.7% of that time.

Bottom line, anthropomorphic CO2 is truly a minuscule player in the grand scheme of things! It just isn't worth the megabucks that climate alarmists so desperately want to spend, curbing industry around the world. A more practical reaction would be to build large-scale desalinization plants that would transfer ocean water into clean irrigation water to turn arid regions into planetary garden spots. This would reduce potential impacts from rising sea levels due to surface heating and create vegetation including crops both reducing atmospheric CO2 while feeding untold millions.

William Hake