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Letters: Conservatism, common sense making America great again; who should be responsible for runoff into Liberty Reservoir?

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Conservatism, common sense making America great again

Carroll County is a bastion of conservatism. Translated means: common sense, individual rights, worth ethics and a wish to make America great again.

I survived eight years of Obama, possibly our worst president in history, next to Carter. The country survived also, but made the best change possible by electing President Trump. Taxes have been cut, jobs are rising, unemployment is at an all-time low, no wars, talking to North Korea, abandoning Obama’s Iran deal, NATO paying their share, and the list goes on and on. We are making America great again.


The Democrats want no wall to stop the influx of drugs and gangs. They defy U.S. law on this mass unchecked immigration. They support abortion at nine months if the mother doesn’t want the baby. They support free college — free, free, free.

My grandfather had a saying: “If something wasn’t right it was half-baked.” Make up your own minds on these liberal Democrats’ ideas. Are they “half baked”?


One writer really irks me, a Democrat that ran for county commissioner as a Republican to get elected. Now he is showing his true self.

Harry Griffith


Israel should give back money so US can build wall

I am getting sick and tired of the bickering that is going on in our nation’s capital. Congress and the White House are behaving like a bunch of pre-K students in a sandbox, without adult supervision.

We, as a nation, aka United States, are our own worst enemy while our other real enemies are knocking on the door. We are at a stalemate and it seems there is no end in sight. We need outside help from the few brothers, friends or allies we still can count on.

One of them, I think, could be Israel. We just gave them $38 billion in foreign aid and $5 billion of that was ear-marked for their missile-shield system (under an appropriations title). Israel already has a missile defense system and also has a wall, fence, barrier, iron curtain, whatever you want to call it and just what we need on our southern border.

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So wouldn’t it be nice for Mr. Netanyahu to man-up and return those appropriation funds to us so we can have our wall and some peace and sanity too!

Dieter Halle



Shouldn’t Baltimore be responsible for runoff to Liberty Reservoir?

It was interesting reading the interview with Paul Kazyak about the role Carroll County plays in the health of the Chesapeake Bay. Since the North branch of the Patapsco River is the main tributary that runs through Carroll County and this watershed enters into Liberty Lake before going into the Bay, isn’t Baltimore City responsible for the quality of the water that enters the Bay?

Liberty Reservoir has been active since the mid-1950s, so doesn’t the ultimate responsibility of Carroll County’s role, if any, rest squarely on the shoulders of Baltimore City?

Chris Brighoff