Letters: Cheers for councilman for opposing Civil War memorial; congrats to A Likely Story bookstore in Sykesville

Cheers for councilman for opposing Civil War memorial

Hooray for Taneytown Councilman Bradley Wantz. At this time, he has the even-handed bearings to realize the insanity of the proposed National Civil War Memorial. Perhaps with further investigation into not how, but why to do the proposed project, other members of the council will come to realize its foolishness.

I don’t see World War II memorials with images of our opponents. And with reason. No reasonable person would expect to find a bust of one of our adversaries.


Taneytown Councilman Bradley Wantz denounced the proposed National Civil War Memorial in the city, moments after Mayor James McCarron announced plans to assemble a committee to delve into the details. “I am wholly opposed to this memorial," he said at the elected officials workshop meeting Feb. 6.

According to the artist, this monument would allow “future generations to understand the motives that animated the southern cause.” As any thinking person would tell you, slavery was the core of their position. So, in the interests of even-handedness, we would need to have a monument to tell the story from the slaves’ point of view.

Thanks again to Councilman Wantz. I sincerely hope that his position on the project will be accepted by the other members of the council and this divisive monstrosity can be constrained to the artist’s private sculptor studio and the patrons who find his wares appealing.


Robert Kaunitz


Any place with Trump isn’t heaven

I must respectfully disagree with Mr. Ken Dallwig's letter from Feb. 10 on one crucial point. If there is an afterlife, and Donald Trump is an occupant, then whether that place has walls or not, it surely can't be heaven.

Harry Hammond


Congrats to A Likely Story Bookstore

On behalf of the Friends of the Carroll County Public Library I'd like to congratulate Debbie Scheller and A Likely Story Bookstore on being a finalist for Publisher's Review Bookstore of the Year award. A Likely Story is the only independent bookstore in Carroll County and it's a gem. They stock a wide selection of books in all genres and for all ages. You can browse to your heart's content and linger to chat with other customers and the knowledgeable staff. They'll search for titles you want and, if they don't have them, will go to great lengths to get them for you. Then if you can't decide what to read next or just want a change from what you've always read, they're ready with excellent recommendations.

A Likely Story Bookstore, on Main Street in Sykesville, is one of five finalists for the annual Publishers Weekly Bookstore of the Year award to be announced in May.

A Likely Story partners with the library to host author events and read-ins throughout the county. These events frequently sell out and for good reason. They're terrific! At author events, Debbie and her staff are always there setting up, cleaning up and organizing the long lines for autographs. A Likely Story is a great partner and a great asset for our county. There's a long list of authors coming to the county in the coming weeks and A Likely Story has been involved at every step of getting them here. Thank you, Debbie for all you do for The Friends.

I know it's quick and easy to order books online but it's worth a trip to downtown Sykesville to experience A Likely Story. Every person associated with this store is warm and welcoming. Walk through the doors and you will be embraced into a family of readers. This beautiful little treasure is not to be missed. I urge everyone to check it out. It won't disappoint you.

Sharon Hafner Yingling


The writer is president of the Friends of Carroll County Public Library.

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