Letters: The case for the border wall; Taneytown councilman, county commissioner not the same person

Wall will keep costs associated with illegal immigration down

Nancy Pelosi has called the wall as immoral. Does this mean that she herself is immoral since she has a wall at her home in Napa Valley, California, and the pope is immoral? I have no doubt that many of her colleagues live in gated communities or places with limited access. Could this be for protection? If so, we have no problem with people protecting themselves and family. I would like her to explain, however, how this is OK for her but not the rest of the citizens of this country?

Thousands of people at our border crossing illegally are breaking our laws. For that alone, they should be prosecuted. If a wall helps stop this invasion then it should be built where needed. I have no problem with immigrants coming to this country legally, as my grandparents did. The cost of caring for people who come here illegally is tremendous — free health and education (including interpreters). The funds needed to care for our own citizens are depleted because of this need, not to mention the increasing debt the United States faces. Just ask the teachers in California who are asking for needed supplies and a raise in salary and cannot receive this because of lack of funds. I wonder how many tax-paying citizens feel about proposals in their states to give free college education to illegals with funds collected through taxation when their own sons and daughters have to pay for their education, many of whom work jobs around their school schedules.


The United States is the most generous nation in the world with foreign aid. President Trump is correct that it is time that we care for our veterans who put their lives on the line for our safety and freedom, the elderly, the poor, the homeless, the disabled, etc.

Bud Henkel


Clearing up confusion over Taneytown Councilman Frazier, Commissioner Frazier

Over the past few months with all the controversy swirling around current Taneytown Councilman Donald Frazier, our District 3 County Commissioner Dennis Frazier has really taken gruff related to that controversy, due to people confusing the two men.

Dennis Frazier, a former Westminster city councilman and current county commissioner, is not related to or affiliated with the councilman from Taneytown, Donald Frazier, or his wife, former county commissioner Robin Frazier.

I felt compelled to write this letter, not at the request of Commissioner Dennis Frazier (frankly he has no idea I am writing it), because over the past number of weeks I have had no less than 10 people approach me and comment or ask questions about what is going on with former Westminster City Councilman Frazier. I have had to explain to all of them they are not the same person.

So please, take a moment, an realize the difference between the two men. Donald Frazier = Taneytown Councilman, Dennis Frazier = Carroll County Commissioner. Thanks for taking the time to understand the difference.

Tony Chiavacci


The writer is a councilman for the City of Westminster.

Politics a blood feud, but Americans roll on

Henry Adams called politics “the systematic organization of hatreds.” Welcome to Washington! Adams was a cynic, of course, but how better could we describe the blood feud that, for the past two years, has engulfed our federal system? It’s the Hatfields and McCoys. Guns locked and loaded. Shoot to kill. Deadlock.

Each congressman and senator (a soldier in this conflict) represents a specific constituency. Yet, amazingly, their constituents are not fighting! America rolls on from day to day, mending fences, overlooking differences, ignoring offenses, giving the benefit of the doubt, making do, forgiving. We have differences, of course, but somewhere deep inside, we know that anger and hatred ruin people, and families, and nations, that that the ability to overcome differences is the mark of civilization.

William R. Boyer