Letters: Maginot Line shows why we need wall at border; thanks from Carroll Food Sunday

The Maginot Line a good analogy, but misrepresented by columnist

This is in response to John Culleton's article “Reader inspiration, wall despondence.” John said: the Maginot Line, erected by the French to defend them from Germany, is an example of a failed wall, because the German Army simply went around it. The Germans did go around it, but John frames the narrative to support the liberal agenda and doesn't tell you the whole story. Actually, the Maginot Line is an excellent analogy of what is going on at our border.

The Maginot Line worked; it forced the Germans to attack elsewhere. Defeat could have been prevented, but the French failed to fully understand what a successful deterrent their wall was. France built the Maginot Line on the boarder between France and Germany from Switzerland to Belgium. For political reasons (they didn't want to “offend” King Leopold) they stopped at Belgium instead of extending it to the North Sea. The French relied on the Dyle River and the Ardennes in Belgium to stop the Germans. Not extending the wall to the North Sea was the Maginot Line's Achilles Heel and caused the French defeat. Sound familiar?


Our border wall works as a barrier making it harder to enter the country illegally and is the keystone of the comprehensive security strategy on the southern border. According to the border agents, the walls at Yuma, El Paso and San Diego have stopped 90 percent of illegal crossings.

Regardless, John said the wall balloons the national debt and is a “folly” and blames President Trump, although Trump has only been in office two for two years. Of course, John places no blame on Chuck Schumer (in Congress since 1981) and Nancy Pelosi (17 terms in Congress); that's over 60 years between them and both voted 12 years ago to fund billions for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, then did nothing. Protecting a sovereign nation's border is not folly. Folly is not protecting American citizens from drugs, crime, gangs, human trafficking, disease, debt etc. President Trump points out the follies of the self-righteous liberals, which is why the mainstream media and liberal Democrats hate him.

The wall will actually mitigate national debt. Each illegal immigrant cost the tax payers around $75,000 a year. If we stop illegal immigration, take that number times the approximately 500,000 that enter each year and we save $30 billion to $40 billion a year.

Carl Burdette


Thank you for Holiday Hope, support for Food Sunday

On behalf of the Board of Carroll County Food Sunday, I want to extend a very sincere thank you to the editor and staff of the Carroll County Times for inviting Carroll County Food Sunday to be a recipient of money collected through the newspaper’s 2018 Holiday Hope campaign. I also want to thank Carroll Community Bank for tracking the donors and the donations, no small task.

The Times’ promotion of Holiday Hope from Thanksgiving through Christmas helps to keep Carroll County Food Sunday operational at a very crucial time of the year. We count on our substantial share of the money raised each year to help feed families and older people in Carroll County who are in need of the assistance we provide. The number of requests for assistance just in December 2018 totaled 1,284 and for the entire year 17,516, or an average per day in 2018 of 61.68 requests. For the year 2018, Food Sunday served 45,018 portions of food. These figures should help the readership know what an important role Food Sunday plays in Carroll County.

I also want to thank you, the donors, who gave almost $35,000 to Carroll County Food Sunday through Holiday Hope in 2018. You are a lifeline for our neighbors in need and without you Food Sunday could not serve as well as we do. For those of you who donate money and/or food outside of Holiday Hope, we are indeed grateful as well.

Likewise, our 3,089 volunteers in 2018 who gave 7,840 volunteer hours to serve the needy deserve great praise as well.

Please know that Carroll County Food Sunday serves the needy all year long. We are grateful to all who help to make this operation fulfill its mission of providing emergency supplemental food that enhances human dignity.

Ed Leister


The writer is the executive director of Carroll County Food Sunday.