Excited for Seed Swap Day at Westminster library

I can't wait to register for the National Seed Swap Day program to be held at the Westminster branch library on Saturday, Jan. 26 at 11 a.m. Last year there were tables full of seeds from gardeners who had harvested their seeds from veggies, flowers and herbs. Also our extension agent Courtney Coddington and her cadre of master gardeners had contacted seed companies so there were unusual seeds like poinsettias for us to experiment with. During the program Courtney talked about the vanishing of plant species and the need to harvest seeds even from plants that we think will never disappear. She talked about a very sweet variety of watermelon that was popular in the 1800s but since the rind was so soft, it was difficult to ship and therefore, was thought to have gone out of existence. However, one family had kept a tradition of growing that variety from harvesting the seeds of that season and have brought that variety back into favor, thanks also to improved shipping techniques.

Zinnia seeds were among my cache and this past summer, the bees and butterflies enjoyed the results tremendously, especially the skippers, tiny butterflies that come out in August and September. They would perch on the flower and sip from each of the tiny yellow flowers in the center circle without being bothered by a human getting up close and personal. What a wonderful experience to be so near to wildlife.


Maybe you'll find some great tomato seeds to help fill your pantry with tomato sauce or some unique flowers because of this program. You'll have a great time while learning how to enhance your life as well as the environment as a result of this program. Also, you don't have to bring seeds yourself if you have none to share. Believe me, after this program you'll have plenty next year.

Dee Krasnansky


‘Deplorables’ keep looking other way on Trump

If you look up the word “treason,” you will find that it means giving comfort and aid to our enemies. Let’s take a look at the “comfort and aid” Donald Trump has given to our enemies in recent months. Without consulting his intelligence and military senior people, he decided to pull all of our troops out of Syria immediately. This action resulted in the Secretary of Defense, Gen. James Mattis, resigning under protest. Trump’s action clearly gave aid and comfort to Russia, ISIS and Iran. Russia praised Trump’s action while our longtime friends and allies condemned the action. It seems Trump cut a deal with Turkey’s President Erdogan to pull our troops out of Syria. This will allow Erdogan to exterminate the Kurds who have been our longtime allies in fighting ISIS. This sends a clear message that the United States can’t be trusted to support its allies anymore. Vladimir Putin couldn’t have scripted this any better. Trump not only sold our country out with this action, he also sold out Israel, which will now be in greater danger from Iran.

Other examples of Trump’s treachery include his siding with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki over our intelligence agencies on Russian interference in the 2016 election. Trump’s failure to take any action against Russian aggression against Ukrainian ships and personnel. Trump’s failure to hold his boyfriend, Kim Jong Un, accountable for escalating nuclear proliferation on the Korean peninsula. Now Trump is taking Russia’s side on why the old Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Trump’s explanation is totally absurd and right from the mouth of Vladimir Putin. You have to wonder whether Trump is working for the interests of the United States or the Russian Federation. What has Putin promised Trump in return for betraying his country? Maybe a bright, new Trump Tower in Moscow with a free $50 million penthouse for Putin.

Trump is doing a great job of destroying the economy, destroying the stock market and your 401(k) retirement plan. He has thrown hundreds of thousands of federal workers into turmoil because he wants $5 billion for the border wall he said Mexico would pay for. When will his basket of deplorables realize that Trump is a fraud and a con man? He looks at his basket of deplorables as the basket of stupids.

David J. Iacono


Don’t use turn lanes to pass

Drivers should not use right-turn only lanes as passing lanes. By not adhering to the signs, they are making it very dangerous for everyone on the road. I’ve noticed it more and more over the years.

Ann Overton