Letters: What happened to Westminster's Main Street; revisiting costs of 12 Days of Christmas again

What happened to Main Street Westminster?

I have been a resident of Carroll County for over 40 years now. I am wondering what has happened to Main Street in Westminster. Over 30 years ago, my husband and I opened a shop on Main Street. Come Christmastime we decorated our store and our window. We even put white lights on the tree in front of our shop, we had talked about it with the Merchant Association and it seemed the following year, Westminster started putting lights on all the trees in the business area, and it was a joy to come down Main Street and see how inviting it looked.

We have since closed the store because of health issues; I don’t travel down Main Street as now it has almost become as bad as Route 140 to travel. But what I have noticed this year is that there are no lights on the trees, just what appears to look like a snowflake that you can’t really see, and it is sad. There I no charm to bring people downtown. I have been to many much smaller towns than Westminster and the business area is so full of lights and inviting and makes you want to stop your car and walk around.


Don’t know what happened to Westminster, but it is sad; nothing to bring people downtown to say let’s walk around a bit. I would like to see the City of Westminster get back into the Christmas spirit and bring those decorations and lights out of moth balls and make Main Street proud again.

Sandra M. Gatta


‘12 Days of Christmas’ costs revisited again

Chris Brighoff’s letter last week “More realistic costs of ’12 Days of Christmas’ fowl,” missed an important point. We’re not buying one partridge and one pear tree – the gift list is for 12 of them. Likewise, there are 22 turtle doves, 30 French hens (cluque cluque), 36 calling birds, etc. Each day the recipient gets the same gifts over again plus a new one.

Now, his total does indeed come out cheaper, even with this new accounting. I make the total for these things $5,250, using his numbers.

Yours in nitpicking,

Emily Johnston


Never forget true meaning of Christmas

Many years ago, a young soldier was serving in a far away country, defending his country's freedom. Suddenly, his position was attacked and overrun by the enemy, and he took cover. Enemy fire came from different directions, but the young soldier, a staff sergeant never gave up, making the ultimate sacrifice for his country. The young sergeant, was my father’s cousin, who gave his life for our freedom in Vietnam. To me he is a hero, however, there is one, and only one, who is truly and absolutely, the greatest of them all.

He was sent into the world, to take our sins on His shoulders, and died a hideous death, to save us from them. His name, was Jesus Christ. With Christmas coming in a few weeks, we must never forget the true meaning of this holiday. It is the birthday of our Lord and Savior. A person who took our sins, on His shoulders, was nailed to a cross, and died for our sins, is the greatest hero of them all. Thank You, Lord Jesus, and may we never forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Neil Ege