Letters: Liberals destroying American pride; British healthcare not perfect, but successful

Liberal logic will be end of America as we know it

This is in response to Frank Batavick’s article “Thoughts on ethnic prejudice.” Frank states “the utter cruelty required to rip toddlers away from their mothers at the Mexican border,” “such callous and inhumane behavior is not unrivaled in our history.” When President Obama took children from their mothers nothing was said, but now that President Trump wants to protect the border he's a racist.

Frank said the President’s criticism of the so-called caravan from Central America “was nothing less than fear-mongering and raw racism.” But the news said thousands of illegal migrants from the caravan are now at the U.S. border in Tijuana, Mexico with thousands more on the way. Homeland Security identified 500 criminals among the mostly young male (75 percent) caravan marchers. The Mexicans in Tijuana said Trump was right, it's an invasion.


Frank is obsessed with dividing this country by his ideology of Identify Politics and victimization by preaching how racist and oppressive America is. Frank, like the radical Democratic Party and mainstream media, supports Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, but wants Americans to feel guilt, instead of pride, for our country.

America is the greatest nation ever conceived, the only nation that guarantees Freedom of Speech and did more to fight real prejudice and racist regimes than any country in history. America sacrificed 1,000,000 casualties during WWII, to save Europe and North Africa from the Nazis and Asia from Japan and won the Cold War against Communist Russia. Discover Magazine showed the costs of fighting four deadly disease: Zika (2015), Ebola (2014), H1N1 (2009) and Avian flu (2003). The World-Bank contributed $2.77 Billion, European-Union $1.23 Billion and America contributed $20 Billion. It’s ironic that America contributed five times more money than the rest of the world to fight disease, that mainly afflicts nations of people-of-color, but none of this matters to liberals.

George Orwell (author of “1984”) said “He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present, controls the past.” Liberals understand the importance of history and traditional American symbols of our identity. So they want to replace our history, that America was founded on freedom, with their narrative that America is a racist/oppressive society. If they are successful, their insane logic, that diversity is unity, exclusion is inclusion, conservative free speech is violence, open borders, sanctuary cities/states etc. will end America as we know it.

Carl Burdette


British National Health Service not perfect, but successful

I am writing concerning the recent opinion published in the Carroll County Times: “‘Medicare for All’ is not attractive” (Nov. 24). I am a British citizen who married a Carroll County resident almost 47 years ago. We live in England but regularly visit our American relatives and friends. Enjoyable as these visits are, I am often dismayed by the disparaging comments made about the British National Health Service (NHS) in the U.S. media.

For all its shortcomings, the NHS is an organization that the vast majority of British people vigorously defend. For 70 years, the NHS has worked to provide appropriate cost-effective medical care to everyone in Britain, free at the point of need. Funded by general taxation it has succeeded in removing much of the financial fear of illness. As a result, doctors and patients can concentrate on the treatment rather than its financing. Naturally, there are ongoing challenges. An aging population, the continuing flow of new treatments, the rising cost of drugs and advanced technology, as well as ambitious performance targets often spark vigorous public debate. But very few British people would welcome a privatized, insurance-based service similar to that in the U.S. As a result, all British governments since 1948 have been reluctant to tamper with the basic philosophy of the NHS.

I have personal experience of its best qualities. Four years ago, aged 66, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. The problem was diagnosed quickly and I underwent surgery followed by a course of chemotherapy. A year later, I had surgery to remove a small growth on my lung. Since then, I have fortunately been in excellent health while receiving regular consultations, scans and colonoscopies to monitor the situation. The attention I have received, the quality of the treatment and the dedication of the medical professionals have been exemplary. And the bill so far? Zero. The costs have been covered by the years of taxes I — and my fellow citizens — have paid over a lifetime of employment.

The British NHS is not perfect but — like the American Constitution — it is a brave attempt to achieve something eminently worthwhile. And, for the most part, it is succeeding.

Robert Shannon

Alresford, Hampshire, United Kingdom