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Letters: Snipes, not cartoon, cast doubt on election integrity; Dr. Lemon's 'physician of the month' honor warranted

Snipes cast doubt on integrity of elections, not cartoon

I would like to respond to the letter regarding the condemnation of the Nov. 15 editorial cartoon in the Carroll County Times.

In the letter, the writer goes after your paper for having published the cartoon because he found it “racist” and false.” He goes on to discuss his support for “free and fair” elections and he feels the paper is casting doubt on the integrity of our electoral process. I would like to address each of these comments.


I guess just because Dr. Brenda C. Snipes is black it was assumed your position was that of a racist. It amazes me how often that term comes up. There was nothing whatsoever having to do with race! Dr. Snipes has a known history, stretching over several years, of questionable practices of doing strange things with her county’s ballots. These are not false accusations, nor is the response to a question from a reporter about how many votes were actually tallied in her county was unknown to her! Amazing as it is her job to know! She also violated Florida law when her tallies were not submitted on time.

On the free and fair question I will offer this: Of course the voting was free and was never in question. On the fair part of the accusation, how can it be fair when the number of votes submitted was not known by Dr. Snipes, therefore leaving open the very real question of votes being hidden away or more votes added if one desired. Making sure every vote is counted has never been questioned. Everyone in Florida who wanted to vote had the opportunity to vote. They were all counted and that should have given Floridians and the rest of the world an accurate count. Of course, in this case, it was not known what that count was! Mr. West was absolutely correct in saying that not counting votes is a tactic of third-world dictatorships. If only Dr. Snipes would have determined the number of votes that were cast at the end of Nov. 6 and reported that number as required by law instead of creating a mystery.


One last comment: On casting doubt on the integrity of our electoral process, Dr. Snipes did that all by herself without any assistance from the Times or anyone else! The comment about the paper stoking the flames of divisiveness is nonsense, and not even worth my time or that of the Times to refute.

Dick Masse


Criticism isn’t same as racism

Looks like the Carroll County Democrat Central Committee is all upset about a cartoon appearing in the Carroll County Times about Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes.

It seems the Carroll County Dems think the cartoon was racist. Typical Democrats.

According to Democrats, any criticism of a person of color is automatic racism. Except when it comes to Justice Clarence Thomas or Ben Carson or South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott or other people of color who have escaped the Democrat plantation.

Looks like the Democrats can dish it out but can’t take it.


Scott Hollenbeck


Lemon’s ‘Physician of the Month’ honor well-deserved

Recently, I finished watching Netflix's docu-series “Medal of Honor” about recipients of the award and their acts above and beyond the call of duty.

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While not the Medal of Honor, I was happy to see that Dr. Christopher Lemon was named Carroll Hospital’s September Physician of the Month.

My family has experienced him going above and beyond the call of duty. Early this year, my wife and I frantically took our 1-year-old daughter to the emergency room because she had a very high fever, was lethargic and ghostly white. It was my first experience as a father feeling completely helpless for my daughter. There was nothing I could do.


Eventually, Dr. Lemon entered the room and took control. He assured us that our daughter, Tilly, would be fine. He even offered to give my wife his cell phone number if she had any questions. I begged him not to do that knowing my wife would call with many questions. That evening we took Tilly home and she started feeling a lot better.

The next day, Dr. Lemon called my wife to check in on our daughter. I’ve been to the ER a few times in my life and I can’t remember ever having the treating physician call me or my parents the next day to check in. A phone call may be a small insignificant act, but in my eyes, it was above and beyond the call of duty. Carroll County is lucky to have Dr. Lemon.

Ross Albers