Vote ‘yes’ on same-day registration

On Oct. 30, the editorial board of the Carroll County Times recommended that citizens vote "No" on Question 2, regarding same-day registration on Election Day. The main reasons given for this position is that it might present "more headaches" for judges on Election Day, or frustrate those who already registered, and that there are other opportunities to register. That reasoning holds no water. Election Day registration happens all across this county, and right here in Maryland during early voting. We already have systems and procedures in place to enable same-day registration, and it would be only a matter of applying those same systems on Election Day. During early voting with same day registration, and even with record turn out, wait times were still low. The Board of Elections has worked hard to anticipate demand and staff polling places accordingly, and there is no reason to believe that they couldn't handle it just as ably on Election Day.

One important benefit of same day registration that seems not to have been considered is that it also allows voters to update their information at their polling place, making sure that records are current and fewer voters need to cast provisional ballots. And it's secure, requiring the same documentation and verification as registration anywhere, or any time, else.


Fewer than 100 years ago, Maryland's legislature voted against the 19th Amendment, standing against expanding democracy and on the wrong side of history. Yes, in Maryland we have many opportunities to register to vote, but we should remember that until recently, this country has done more to put barriers in place against voting than to tear them down and make the ballot box accessible for every citizen who wants to exercise this most fundamental right.

Amanda McGuire


Judicial race could shape Carroll history

A very important no-partisan race is taking place which could shape the history of Carroll County since its founding in 1837. This is the race to select the Judge of the Circuit Court. Ms. Maria L. Oesterreicher, with over 20 years of trial experience, would make history with a hard-earned win in this election. She would be the first woman selected and elected to the Circuit Court.

In addition, Maria stands alone as the only candidate to work as a prosecutor and she has 14 years hands-on experience. She has been nationally recognized for her expertise.

Maria is thoughtful, competent and highly respectful of her profession and colleagues.

I saw her at early voting and witnessed several persons whom she had assisted in her legal career thanking her for having assisted their families and their positive results. Maria has been described as a trailblazer on domestic abuse efforts in Carroll County. I voted for her and I encourage all county voters to consider her on election day.

Maria Oesterreicher is truly a positive person to lead the court into the future. We can always do better by making our local government team stronger.

Doug Mathias


Support for Paul Johnson for commissioner

I am writing in support of candidate Paul Johnson for District 4 county commissioner. My family has known Paul for many years, since our sons became friends during the Mount Airy Middle School years. Paul is an honest, hard working, college educated IT professional. He has used every available weekend to knock on doors to speak with residents in his district. He has single-handedly knocked on hundreds of doors talking to people to discuss the issues facing Carroll County. That is just one example that shows his determination to do the best job he can in representing District 4. He is interested in developing a close relationship with his constituents and gaining an understanding of their expectations of their county commissioner. He wants to represent the people, their wants and needs. He is fiscally responsible and is concerned about our schools, and our land use.

There are times when the needs of the county outweigh party affiliation. I am a lifelong Republican but I firmly believe Paul Johnson is the best, most qualified person to represent us in District 4.

Gregory Harmis

Mount Airy