Running as a Democrat in Carroll County

What kind of person runs as a Democrat in Carroll County? I’ve been asked that more times than I can count. I’ve been told “wrong party” or “wrong county.” People have assumed I want to raise taxes (I don’t) or that I want to take away guns (I don’t). Right now in our county, state and country, we are the most divided we’ve been since the Civil War.

We have to stop painting each other as the enemy. We have to take the late Sen. McCain’s warnings against tribalism to heart. It’s time for government that strives for bipartisanship; and leaders that put people over party and action over politics. It is that attitude that won me the endorsement of Comptroller Peter Franchot; someone who walks the walk on bipartisanship and does what is best for the people of Maryland.


As you consider your vote or votes for House of Delegates (you can choose up to three; making one, two or three choices in the race of four candidates). Let me share my goals:

1. We need term limits. I’ve pledged to only serve two terms in the House, and more so, I will introduce legislation and fight for laws requiring term limits. I’m not naive, I realize that is an uphill fight. But it’s my job to fight for what the voters want!

2. We can have universal healthcare in Maryland — not just because it’s a human right, but because it is one of the missing pieces in solving the opioid crisis.

3. We can have world class schools, and an opportunity to get the funding Carroll needs and deserves.

4. We can create an economy that works for all of us, including small business and their employees.

I am proud to be endorsed by the Carroll County Education Association and Maryland State Education Association, Sierra Club and Maryland League of Conservation Voters, by local chapters of AFL-CIO and AFSCME, by Naral, Run for Something, and Public Interest Podcast. And I am proud to be endorsed by Comptroller Peter Franchot.

I am a part of this community. I’m an attorney at Stoner, Preston & Boswell, Chtd., a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and a volunteer at the family law clinic. Mark and I choose Carroll County to raise our daughters. I will represent everyone in this district, regardless of affiliation and pledge to always be accessible and responsive. Please vote for Emily Shank.

Emily Shank


The writer is a Democratic candidate for House of Delegates representing District 5.

Oesterreicher will make difference on bench

When you hear the word vote most people think of the presidential elections. In Carroll County voting is going to make a difference in the community this year. There are two candidates running for Circuit Court judge. There is no doubt in my mind that Maria Oesterreicher is not only qualified but experienced enough to make a huge impact on our families lives.

I know Maria personally because she saved my and my daughter's lives. We were stuck in a domestic violence situation and Maria fought for us when the system was letting us down. Maria's eye for detail and her passion for impacting lives is incredible. The Circuit Court handles family matters, criminal cases and more. When Maria was a state's attorney for 14 years she handled all those cases with compassion and rational thinking not just for her client but for the other party. Maria is a unique woman who isn't worried about how many people she can put in jail. She is not going to just brush a case off like its no big deal. Maria offers confidence for those who are lost and scared to stand up for themselves. I can assure you Maria is the difference our families need. She will give the women who are scared to come forward about their abusers the self confidence to know their worth. She's going to offer people with addiction options to help them get and stay clean not just brush them off. I also know that when she sees repeat offenders she will already have stratigized why they keep committing the same crimes and see why the other judgements haven't worked. She is a problem solver not a problem creator. She's a woman who wants to see other succeed but on the other hand knows proper punishments that will not only teach the offenders a lesson but make them change their ways to be productive citizens of this county. Look around there are so many overdoses and domestic violence cases that keep rising in numbers. It's obvious that nothing has been done to improve that. I don't want my daughters growing up in a world like that.

With Maria's resources, knowledge, compassion and your vote you will see the difference. Let's make this county a safe place again by voting Maria Oesterreicher.

Catherine Blumberg