Letters: A ray of light for future; no reason for a 'spirit of fear'; outage over shootings, editorial cartoons

A ray of light

With all the upheaval in our country and around the world, I recently has the opportunity to see a ray of light through all this darkness.

At an event at McDaniel College a few weeks ago, I met several senior cadets of the college’s ROTC (Reserve Officer’s Training Corps) program. If these young men and women are examples of our future leaders, we have reason to hope.


The cadet I was fortunate to sit beside told me about the Capstone project he is creating. Each student at McDaniel must present an original project in his field as a graduation requirement.

This young man’s thesis is to suggest the application of a form of the Marshall Plan to some of our neighbors in South America.


The Marshall Plan, for those of us who studied about it too many years ago, was designed to help rebuild Europe following the destruction of World War II. Also called the European Recovery Plan. Secretary of State, Gen. George Marshall, announced this initiative and it became known by his name.

Through the use of aid and loans, economic renewal was obtained and democracy strengthened.

With all the immigrants pushing towards America “for a better life” I think they would probably prefer a better life in their own home countries, free from violence and an opportunity to work. And their leaders would like to keep them there.

I’m sure there are cynics who say the aid we have previously been giving was of no use. We just have to try a different way. It has worked before.

When the cadets are not trying to answer these big questions, they are organizing and executing plans for the 100th anniversary of ROTC on this campus. That’s two-thirds of the time this 150-year-old college has been in existence.

Thousands of young men and women were trained here and sent out to serve their country and the world.

Carolyn Scott


No time for a ‘spirit of fear’

I feel the need to try to put words on paper because of an absurd opinion column written by Mr. Tomlinson which was in the Carroll County Times on Monday, Oct. 29. Does this young fellow realize which state our county is located in? Although there are many moderates in both parties in our county and in our state, there are also many Democrats and many women!

It appears to me that the writer of that editorial thinks that we ought to function with a huge degree of fear: rather than functioning by considering facts or reality. I feel that facts and fairness are way more important than fears and fiction.

His article causes me to think of a small plaque which hung on the wall near my baby sister's crib when I was first old enough to read. It said, "God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." The reason for the verse being on our wall may have been because my parents were experiencing some rather tough times. Mom was a Republican who had taught in a high school in Frederick County for about a dozen years and before that in a one-room schoolhouse in Carroll County. When her fifth and last child was born she was 45 years old and had no use for any spirit of fear!

My father was a Democrat, I believe. He had left the farm for a short time near the end of World War I but soon that war ended. So he was able to return to the farm and years later bought an adjoining farm. When he was fortunate enough to marry my mom he must not have had any inclination to live in fear. By the time my baby sister was born my father was seriously losing his eyesight. There was still certainly no time or need for a "spirit of fear.”


My folks were both pretty frugal. They did not brag about being conservative. All these years later it appears to me that being "conservative" has come to mean that we must conserve money mainly for those who already have big or old money. Why is that?

Katherine Fisher Shaw

Union Bridge

Outraged after another mass shooting

Enough with thoughts and prayers! While serving as chaplain in a mental health setting I often put forth thoughts and prayers for my clients seeking help to be relieved of depression, anxiety, grief, and a myriad of other dysfunctional behaviors. However, the thoughts and prayers were always accompanied with medication and/or extensive psychotherapy that would provide them with healthier behaviors and choices in their lives.

When the scourge of polio was prevalent in my early childhood years, the thoughts and prayers were that someone would come up with a vaccine that would alleviate this crippling disease.

When people arrive at the emergency room, where I volunteer one day a week, thoughts and prayers by family and friends are accompanied with the best medical treatment available for the broken bones, heart attack, et al.

Yes, I am outraged with yet another mass shooting where the only salvo is more thoughts and prayers. It is way past time for legislation that would curtail the excessive buildup of firearms in this nation. We can, and we must, do better; for none of us are safe from such assaults.

Patrica Roop Hollinger


Trump-bashing cartoons offensive

The Carroll County Times just couldn’t keep their rare streak of running middle-of-the-road editorial cartoons, back to the bashing of the president of the United States again on Oct. 29. The majority of Carroll County residents find these very offensive.

Patti Sharp


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