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Letters: Support for Oesterreicher for judge, Krebs for House; Dems aren't movie monsters

Oesterreicher would be asset as Circuit Court Judge

I would like to recommend Maria Oesterreicher as candidate to appointment in the Circuit Court for Carroll County. Maria was appointed my attorney in a domestic violence case. Not only did she see that I was represented, she worked hard to ensure I was comfortable and felt safe during the trial. As a victim it is imperative to be treated as a person rather than a name on a roster. Maria contacted me a few weeks before the trial and explained what I could expect the day of.

During that tough season in my life I recall those individuals that went above and beyond to reach out to me in different ways. One name I will never forget is Maria Oesterreicher. Her compassion, kindness, honesty, and respect toward me left an imprint in my heart reminding me I was not alone. Her leadership skills were evident through her knowledge of my case weeks prior, she was definitely prepared. Maria’s character is built on authentic goodness shown in her actions rather than pretty words. She is real and views both sides in a fair demeanor and understanding. I truly believe she will be an asset to the Carroll County Circuit Court.


I believe Maria Oesterreicher would prove to be an excellent choice for Circuit Court Judge.

Melinda Dumonchelle



Actions speak louder than words

Even in the age of participation trophies showing up just isn’t good enough in politics.

Susan Krebs has represented Carroll County for over 20 years — first as a school board member and President and now in the House of Delegates. She works on behalf of Carroll County bi-partisanly, finding solutions to problems in a fiscally prudent manner. Working together with Gov. Hogan they significantly reduced the size of state government making it more efficient and accountable to citizens.

Spending 90 days in Annapolis, meeting with constituents and advocating for public policy that reaffirms our values of personal responsibility, local control, restoring Maryland’s economy and a strong education system, by focusing state spending on our priorities, is no easy task in an environment of special interest groups and constant efforts to grow our government. These duties can’t be accomplished just by showing up — it takes doing your homework and hard work to find solutions.

Susan’s work doesn’t end after session. She is a rare breed — a fiscally conservative accountant turned full-time delegate with a steadfast commitment to constituent service. Susan always freely published her home phone number for easy access. An active member in our community, serving as a respected member of Freedom District Lions Club, Chair of the Carroll Hospice Board, member of both Carroll Hospital Foundation Board, and Carroll Lutheran Village Advisory Board, serves on the Carroll County Senior Policy Group working to combat the opioid crisis both locally and statewide. She was appointed to the Next Generation 911 Commission by the Speaker of the House ensuring our communities have adequate technology to support our emergency responders. She has worked diligently to ensure that families, retirees and businesses can afford to stay in Maryland.

Susan’s service on the Health and Government Operations Committee has allowed her the opportunity to reign in the costs of health insurance and health care and insist on transparency and competition on prescription drug costs.

Susan secured funding for CCPS and Carroll Community College to compensate for our declining enrollment and was successful in securing funding for our valuable, hardworking non-profits — Westminster Rescue Mission, Boys and Girls Club of Westminster, Carroll County Veterans Project, Gamber and Sykesville fire companies, Union Mills Homestead and a new Freedom Army National Guard Readiness Center, to name a few.

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Vote Krebs a proven leader who doesn’t just show up but gets the job done for Carroll County!


Kimberly Madeja


Democrats aren’t movie monsters

I’ll bet Mr. Tomlinson and the editors of this newspaper thought that comparing movie monsters to Democrats was a cute idea. But many more registered democrats and I did not. The Democrats who are running for office are your friends and neighbors, they are not some fictional creatures from dark places that are intent to murder and should be destroyed. In today’s political climate words matter.

The so-called Hogan team of Krebs, Rose and Shoemaker love their guns. They all either sponsored or co-sponsored bills to arm teachers or have armed guards in churches. We certainly do not need more guns in these places. As for Andy Harris no one would know him if he didn’t have an “R" next to his name. He has accomplished zip, zero for the citizens of his district. Carroll County needs new representation now.

Harvey Rabinowitz