Commissioner candidate: personal interactions important as ever

A few weeks ago I attended a local meeting of Better Angels, a national organization encouraging face-to-face dialogue between people of different political parties based on the idea that as ever more political discussion takes places on social media, personal interactions are as important as ever.

I’ve witnessed this during my own county commissioner campaign.  Despite having lived in Carroll for over 30 years, I’ve received comments on social media that I don't belong here or that my election would ruin the county.  However, whenever I’ve had the opportunity for a conversation with someone, we find we share many of the same concerns regarding our communities, regardless of party. Like me, many have close friends who lost a child to an overdose or suicide, or lost their own child, and realize that the opioid epidemic, among other issues, requires bipartisan support to tackle.


When people hear about my experience working with local governments and businesses, my knowledge of water supply and stormwater management, and my depth of understanding about local issues, they feel confident voting for me. They are often surprised to learn that I have taken hunter safety courses and completed the HQL training. I am a Democrat because I am a strong supporter of equal access to education, civil rights for all, and that government should not be telling someone whom she can marry. It does not mean I don't believe in efficient government or will say yes to every request that is put in the county budget.  In fact, unlike my Republican opponent, I am OK with leaving the super-majority requirement in place for raising taxes.

Many of the county’s institutions and nonprofits have long benefited from the strong bipartisanship support received from county residents. When I prepare peoples’ tax returns at the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, I don’t ask if they are Republican or Democrat; I’m simply interested in helping out a fellow Carroll countian.

I will bring this same outlook to the Board of Commissioners. It won’t matter if an idea comes from a Republican, Democrat, Unaffiliated, Green or other party. If it’s a good idea and will be beneficial to Carroll County, I will listen to it and discuss it with all concerned parties. I am an independent thinker who is proud of her grass-roots campaign and I pledge that a vote for me will be a vote you can be proud of.

Maria Warburton


The writer is a Democratic candidate for the Board of County Commissioners for District 3.

Del. Rose says more needs to be done to change Maryland

It has been my privilege to represent the people of Carroll County in the House of Delegates for the last four years. I have worked very hard to be your voice in Annapolis.

I have worked closely with Gov. Hogan and fought for his agenda of tax relief and pro-business initiatives that have resulted in job growth in Maryland over the past four years. I will continue to vigorously push for legislation that will lower taxes, reduce spending and eliminate job-killing regulations that strangle business. Fostering an environment where businesses can thrive will benefit all.

Your team in Annapolis, Sen. Ready, Dels. Shoemaker, Krebs and I have worked night and day to let Annapolis know what folks in Carroll want and need. I am particularly pleased that Gov. Hogan has listened to our concerns and provided additional education funding to Carroll County while the state continues to look at fixing the formula. In addition, each year I have been in office I have focused on educational opportunities for our children. We need to expand career and tech opportunities so that all of our students have great options for success in the workforce. I will continue to sponsor legislation that will provide access to computer science and computer programming. I also want to see more resources devoted to career and technical education and apprenticeship opportunities in the trades.

I am especially happy to have worked very hard in my committee on the School Resource Officer bill that passed in the most recent session. I am comforted in knowing that our children now have trained law enforcement officers in our schools that will keep them safe. Nothing is more important than the safety of our kids.

I have received endorsements from Gov. Hogan, the business community, law enforcement and the Farm Bureau.

I love serving the people of Carroll County and I am always available to listen to your concerns. There is more work to be done to change Maryland for the better. I ask for your vote to continue serving you in Annapolis.

April Rose



The writer is a Republican representing District 5 in the House of Delegates who is seeking re-election.