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Letters: Incumbent delegates have been AWOL; Republicans no longer party of family values

Incumbent delegates have been AWOL

I am writing in response to Mr. Tomlinson’s editorial that ran in the Times this week that told us ridiculous stories about the “horrors” of electing Democrats to local office in Carroll County and how we desperately need to re-elect our incumbent state delegates.

I have to say that I feel bad for Mr. Tomlinson. He’s been tasked with attempting to defend the record of the incumbent state delegates here in Carroll County, make their case for re-election, and attack their opponent wildly all by himself, and that is a tall task.


For starters, they don’t really have much of a record. And where they do, the story isn’t great. When one of the “accomplishments” you have to list for Del. Rose is that “she served on a subcommittee in Annapolis,” you’re really struggling.

Being on a committee is literally part of the job of being a delegate. It is not an accomplishment. Their real “accomplishments” are being some of the most radical legislators in Annapolis.


Dels. Rose and Shoemaker voted against the red flag laws that allow law enforcement to issue an order to seize the weapons of someone making violent threats or dealing with significant mental health issues. This law went into effect already, and has likely saved lives. But lucky us, we have two of the seven delegates that voted against it.

Mr. Tomlinson says that it would be such a terrible nightmare if any of these delegates weren’t re-elected. Why? What have they done for Carroll County? Particularly, and with all due respect, Mr. Shoemaker and Ms. Rose.

Del. Rose has been so far in hiding this election cycle that we might need to elicit the help of “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” game players to help find her. In fact, on the whole, the self-dubbed “Hogan team” has been mostly AWOL. They just assume that they will be re-elected, and haven’t bothered to actually connect with voters.

I’m sorry but I want a delegate who is actually going to fight for me in Annapolis, and work with the Democratic legislature and Mr. Hogan (who is likely to remain governor). I’m placing all of my bets on Emily Shank, and if you want results for your family and your county, you will too.

Atticus Rice

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GOP no longer party of family values

The Republican Party likes to call itself the party of family values. When I think of family values, I think of love and caring, honesty and respect, and support for families and children. I’m sure many of you think of the same kind of values. Unfortunately, it seems that the Republican Party has forgotten what family values truly are. From the top down, the Republican Party has abandoned the values held closely by most of their supporters. Instead, the Republican Party has turned to hate, division and lies to retain the power they so desperately crave.

I don’t know of any family values that justify separating asylum-seeking families, and housing children in cages. Or that prevent families from seeking asylum in the first place; a right to which they are legally entitled. The family values I was raised with taught me to love my neighbors — all of my neighbors. Not just the neighbors who look like me, or talk like me, or share my religious beliefs. There are no family values that support enacting policies that make the rich richer and the poor poorer. There are no family values that can explain why all people shouldn’t have affordable, quality healthcare. Family values call for respect and honesty; not for name-calling, lying, racism and calling for imprisonment for political opponents. Extra-marital affairs, sexual harassment and assault, and domestic violence do not embody the family values the Republican Party touts.


The Republican Party has proven time and again that it cares only for opportunities, education, healthcare and safety for the richest and whitest Americans. I know many conservatives who no longer recognize the party with which they once identified. If you are one of them, try voting for the Democrats this mid-term. The Democratic Party is not perfect — no party is. But it’s a party that stands firm in its belief that all Americans should have equal opportunities at achieving the American Dream. The Democratic Party is a party for all people. Vote for the Democrats on Nov. 6.

Raquel Walsh


The writer is a member of the Carroll County Democratic Central Committee.