Letters: Is a Civil War memorial necessary in Taneytown?; Sykesville Mayor offers support to candidates

Do we really need a Civil War memorial in Taneytown?

Do we need another monument to the most divisive time in our nation’s history? Aren’t the battlefield memorials of Gettysburg, Antietam, etc. sufficient to honor the memory of those fighting to eliminate slavery? Do we need a monument to men and women who wanted to perpetuate slavery and their ideal of the genteel Southern manner? Were there “good people on both sides?” I don’t think so.

Perhaps a memorial to slaves owned by Marylanders would be more appropriate?


Memorials usually have flags. What flags would be included or excluded?

In our county, less traffic, a rural way of life, and living within our means seems to be the mode of operation. An attractor, such as that proposed, is certain to generate traffic. Is there sufficient infrastructure in place to support this non-taxpaying venture? How much of the costs to expand infrastructure would be borne by us citizens? I have no objection to artists making a living, however piggy-backing on a public memorial to sell one’s wares is unacceptable.

Raising a memorial to the most contentious period in our history does not further democratic goals. We want to live together in peace and harmony and enjoy the benefits that democracy bestows upon us. This monument would rankle many people, just as certain flags are used today to broadcast messages of hate and intolerance.

I urge the mayor and council to not undertake this venture.

Robert Kaunitz


Sykesville mayor offers support for candidates

I wanted to voice my support for a few candidates I feel would be good for the on-going support of Sykesville and South Carroll. I am supporting Doug Howard for the school board, I have worked with Doug closely over his two terms as commissioner and he has worked hard to understand our positions and helped support our initiatives. Warfield was very challenging and while we did not always agree we were always able to continue to work toward various goals that we shared while still respecting that we represented different interest. I think he brings a wide berth of knowledge of county budgets, finances and the history of eight years of challenges faced by Sykesville and South Carroll. That will bring a much-needed perspective to the school board as there are many challenges ahead and we need to shore up our education system so it remains a priority to all county citizens. So much rides on a quality educational system and a diverse perspective will help achieve lasting success.

Additionally, we in Sykesville have been the victims of severe election district gerrymandering — look at the map. That being said, Sen. Gail Bates has been a joy to work with and has fully supported all of our efforts in Sykesville and South Carroll and has really worked hard to assist us and learn our issues. She deserves your support. They called her too liberal, now they call her too conservative — she’s been able to work smart for us and Howard County as well. Our new delegates as a result of the gerrymandering, Warren Miller and Trent Kittleman, have also worked to understand our community and its needs. It has been tough for us all to get used to new constituents and representatives and processes. They too have shown patience and persistence and deserve your support as well. Our partnership with Howard County and the progress we have shown is possible, may be a blueprint that others can follow for success in the future.

We have achieved so much in Sykesville and the Freedom District and it has taken much time from so many talented and passionate people. As Mayor, I can assure it takes much effort to get elected officials to truly understand our issues and our needs. Consistency is what we need after such a dramatic change.

Vote Nov. 6, your future depends on it!

Ian Shaw


The author is the mayor of the Town of Sykesville.