Independently minded voter supports Hester for Senate in District 9

I am a proud, 31-year Carroll County resident. I grew up swimming and fishing at Liberty Reservoir and local ponds, while simultaneously inhaling the fresh air of our rural community. Playing cops and robbers with toy cap guns is one of many fond childhood memories. Like most of you, I’d like to continue breathing the crisp air, fishing our waters and enjoying the beautiful scenery in our little part of the countryside. But, I can’t go it alone. Election Day is Nov. 6 and early voting has begun. Your vote is needed!

Katie Fry Hester is running for Maryland State Senate in District 9 and she needs to be heard. I met Katie when she knocked on the door of my friend’s Sykesville home. She referred to herself as an “Independently-minded woman running as a Democrat.” I am very grateful that I, an independently-minded Republican, took the time to talk with Katie.


I learned that Katie is not a career politician, but a concerned resident of Maryland who understands how much we need our farmers. Farmers are an essential part of our lives and our economy. While environmentally conscious, the Independent Democrat also mentioned that some “well-meaning regulations” should not be “unduly and unintentionally” burdensome for farmers. Katie wants to keep the rural areas of Carroll County rural. Katie wants to make use of empty buildings instead of industriously building news ones.

Like me, Katie believes that everyone should have access to more affordable health insurance. During our discussion Katie, lamented that “it should not be impossible to start a small business because of healthcare costs” and it should not be impossible to help “loved ones who are battling mental illness and/or addiction” because of healthcare barriers.

I was contented to hear that Katie believes in the right to bear arms. It is essential to have representatives in Annapolis who will reach across the aisle. Much can be accomplished when Republicans and Democrats exercise bipartisan cooperation. So, as it stands, I have a Katie Fry Hester and Gov. Larry Hogan sign on my front lawn. I hope you will vote with an independent mind, and not just vote based upon the “D” and “R” label. Katie’s district includes Howard County and a portion of Carroll County. Katie’s Carroll County constituents will not be neglected if she is elected. Katie will fight for us!

Caitlin Sullivan


Senator touts accomplishments of ‘Team Hogan’

Early voting is underway in Maryland and the pages of the newspaper have been filled with candidates and their supporters asking for your vote. The past four years I’ve had the honor of serving as your state senator; working with Gov. Hogan to bring reform and change to Maryland. I take the responsibility of representing our community’s concerns very seriously as well as the responsibility of standing up for what I believe to be right — while always listening and trying to do the best job possible.

I’m proud to say that we’ve made a lot of progress reforming state government, wiping out a billion-dollar budget deficit left by Gov. O’Malley and making headway on reducing Maryland’s tax burden. From repealing the Rain Tax mandate to expanding tax relief for retired military, police and first responders — we’re still working to get real relief for all retirees — there’s been a lot accomplished to bring down the cost of living in Maryland, but a lot of work left to do.

For those of us who have been concerned about needs that Carroll County has, Gov. Hogan has absolutely had our back since taking office. Dels. Krebs, Rose and Shoemaker and I have worked closely with Gov. Hogan to secure extra education funding helping to offset lost revenue because of declining student enrollments. In addition, we’ve seen progress on Route 32 and Route 97 road improvements and over $44 million in road and bridge projects are ongoing in Carroll.

We have done this while standing firm for the conservative, common sense principles that define Carroll County. It’s not just about passing good bills — which we have done — it’s also about defeating bad bills. Things like dangerous Sanctuary State legislation, which would have made it illegal for law enforcement to cooperate with federal authorities to remove illegal immigrants who committed serious crimes, or radical anti-agriculture regulations that would destroy family farming.

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, respectfully, I ask for your vote for Gov. Hogan, Craig Wolf for Attorney General — an important piece to making our state safer —and our District 5 Hogan Team, myself for state Senate and Susan Krebs, April Rose and Haven Shoemaker for House of Delegates.

Again, thank you for the honor of serving you. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance to you.

Justin Ready


The writer is a Republican state senator in District 5 seeking re-election.