Letters: Rift in GOP Central Committee; support for candidates Shoemaker, Kiler, Battaglia

Disagreements among GOP Central Committee members

As a member of the Carroll Republican Central Committee I want to alert voters about deceptions being perpetrated by our committee.

In September, we authorized our current Chair and Vice Chair, Larry Helminiak and Karen Leatherwood, to create a mailer to send voters encouraging them to vote for Republican candidates. We did not, however, vote on how or whether to address the two ballot questions — gambling money for schools and election day voter registration, both controversial proposed amendments to the Maryland Constitution.


Our Chair and Vice Chair, however, decided to include both of these questions on the mailer and how you should vote. They did not have the authority to do so, but they did it anyway. Unfortunately this has become a familiar trend with the current leadership.

Their excuse will be that the state party took a stand and they copied that stand. My response? Carroll voters vote for Carroll GOP members to represent them not the leadership of the party. Each county central committee is empowered to take stances on issues as they see fit and as they believe their constituencies support. We don’t take orders from the state or national party because the power is supposed to come from the registered Republican voter — not the political machine AKA the swamp.

I recommend you vote against both ballot questions. They enable voting fraud and fiscal waste.

Republican voters should also be aware of the attempt to radically change the central committee’s bylaws. Bylaws are the ground rules for organizations. Good bylaws are important and a measure of how people intend to govern.

Many of the changes are concerning: These changes put all the authority of the committee into the hands of the chair rather than keeping the authority equally distributed between all elected members — very authoritarian, not republican.

Second, fiscal accountability is threatened. The proposed changes allow the chair to appoint non-committee members to be treasurer (and secretary) not elected committee members. You cannot remove them because you didn’t vote them into office. Third, the required monthly treasurer’s report is no longer required.

These troubling proposals lack transparency and accountability and concentrate power in the hands of one person.

The Republican Party exists by virtue of the support, both financially and physically, of registered Republicans. It is your money and your vote that is being tampered with. That’s not good governance. That’s the swamp.

Kathy Fuller


BOE candidate Kiler of the highest quality character

There is not much more I can add to the article by Mr. Tomlinson and letter from Dan Thomas about Kenny Kiler. The articles were very good and described Kenny very well. I first got to know Kenny when I first started teaching at North Carroll High School, 60-plus years ago. I’ve been able to observe him being a student to becoming a very successful individual in our community. I’ve always believed that a person’s character is the most important quality to consider when evaluating an individual for a job or an important position. I consider Kenny to be of the highest quality of character. He is an honest, hard-working and dedicated individual. He has volunteered for over 40 years working with young people in the Manchester wrestling program. He and his wife, Rhonda, have always had a strong interest in working with young people. Kenny and Rhonda have established a solid family tradition with their daughter and two sons. The Kiler sons wrestled for me at North Carroll High School and both were very successful. Andy, a pharmacist, and Tommy, a Harvard graduate, both possess many of the same qualities as their father.

Kenny has a degree in mathematics and experience in finance and preparing budgets. His background in business is exactly what we need on the Board of Education. He will find and cut waste, as well as offering strong financial support for student education and the teacher staff. Kenny Kiler is a quality individual, and I strongly urge all of Carroll County voters to cast a single vote on Election Day and that being for Kenny Kiler.

We can not let a man of this caliber and experience not be elected.


Richard Bauerlein


Shoemaker highlights accomplishments in House

It has been my honor to represent Carroll County in the Maryland House of Delegates for the last four years. And while I haven't been shy about expressing my views during that period of time, I've also worked hard to produce results for my constituents.

For instance, I think that entirely too much standardized testing occurs in our schools today. Instead of devoting their time to teaching kids the three Rs, our teachers have been burdened with teaching test preparation, administering tests, and recapping tests. Teachers don't get to teach and our students suffer as a result. That's baloney.

In reaction thereto, I have been the primary sponsor of two successful pieces of legislation limiting standardized testing of kindergartners and pre-K kids. And I co-sponsored legislation to reduce standardized testing on everybody else. The situation now is greatly improved.

Speaking of education, due to our collaborative relationship with the governor and our colleagues in the legislature (both Democrat and Republican), Sen. Ready, Dels. Krebs, Rose and I have secured more hold-harmless funding for Carroll County's schools than any other county in the state, and second only to Baltimore City. Outside of the realm of education, we have brought back millions of dollars in bond money for worthwhile Carroll County projects like the Westminster Boys and Girls Club, the Public Safety Training Facility, Union Mills Homestead, the Veterans Independence Project, the new National Guard Facility in Sykesville, and others.

We have also successfully supported the governor’s efforts to spend transportation money on projects that people actually like (roads, bridges and the like), instead of throwing money down the rat hole that is mass transit. Furthermore, we have worked side-by-side with the governor to cut taxes and fees on Marylanders, and to roll back regulations. It's because of our work with Larry Hogan that he has endorsed Sen. Ready and Dels. Krebs, Rose and me for re-election.

There's still work to do. We have to do more for retirees to keep them in Maryland. I ask for your vote to continue the fight to change Maryland for the better.

Haven N. Shoemaker Jr.



The writer is an incumbent Republican candidate for House of Delegates representing District 5.

Vote for my mom, Tara Battaglia, for BOE

Mrs. Battaglia for BOE? I think the answer to that is a quick complete yes. Not only does Tara Battaglia have a husband and three children but she also cares about the community and people around her. She cares about the students and their opinions. Since 2012, Mrs. Battaglia has been fighting for the children in the community of Charles Carroll Elementary School to keep the school open. Sadly in 2015 it was closed and the children in the community were pushed into crowded schools with longer bus rides. Not only did this effect one community, but it also effected many others.

Mrs. Battaglia is up to date on current student issues regarding drugs, academic stress, devices, relationships, school security and their social needs. She understands the importance of community for children.

Has she advocated for the K-8? Yes, because she wants communities to be kept together. The K-8 is nothing new and it has been discussed since 2012. Even during the 2015 closures of three schools, (North Carroll High, New Windsor Middle, and Charles Carroll Elementary), Mrs. Battaglia publicly stated that it would effect all students in the county and in a negative way. I may be just a student but my friends and I have been effected by being separated and it has truly hurt the students of the county. I don’t want to see it happen again. We do adjust to change, but no student should ever wonder if their school will be open the next year. Students can not plan ahead for their future in academics, and that is a disservice to students and their educational needs.

I’m not only supportive of my mother running for BOE, but I am comfortable sharing her with 26,000 students. I feel truths need to be told by those who know the candidates most and best. My mom will put students first. Her passion for wanting what is best for students shows in our home by being there for my brother, my sister and myself. She will be there for all the children. She doesn’t discriminate, teaches us to be accepting to others, and be there for others when they need someone to talk to and listen. My mom is that person. Please vote for my mom, Tara Battaglia on Nov. 6.

Sophia Battaglia