Prosecutor supports retaining Judge Titus

I support retaining Judge Richard Titus. I have either lived in or worked in Carroll County my whole life. I also have been a child abuse and sexual assault prosecutor in Carroll County for almost 18 years. I first came to know Judge Richard Titus prior to his appointment to the Circuit Court bench through the Carroll County Bar Association. Out paths also crossed years ago because his daughter was good friends with a family member of mine.

Judge Titus has been a judge in Carroll County since January 2016 when he was appointed to his position by Gov. Hogan. The vetting process before an attorney’s name is presented to the governor is quite extensive and involves a screening process by the Carroll County Bar Association, numerous statewide bar associations and the local nominating commission.


I have appeared before Judge Titus many times as a prosecutor since 2016. In my opinion, he has proven to be worthy of that extensive process and appointment by Gov. Hogan. I handle some of the most difficult cases that come through the Circuit Court of Carroll County. Judge Titus has always been firm yet patient and compassionate. In his appointment to the bench, Judge Titus assumed supervision of most of the cases handled by his predecessor who had retired from full-time duty. What I discovered was that Judge Titus had completed such a thorough review of those files, so that he was prepared to handle them as if he had been the initial judge on the case. It was obvious that he had not only reviewed the court’s file, but had frequently listened to the audio transcript of the prior proceedings in order to determine the true tone of the case and the intentions of the original judge. His meticulous review of these cases is unsurpassed by any other judge in my experience. That extraordinary effort on his part is truly a service to the criminal justice process.

There is a saying, “Why mess with success?” That saying applies completely to the proven performance of Judge Richard Titus. We are very fortunate to have such an able judge on the Circuit Court bench. Judge Titus has earned the respect of the attorneys, advocates and citizens who appear before him. On Election Day, I urge the voters to retain the Honorable Richard Titus as Judge on the Circuit Court of Carroll County.

Amy Blank Ocampo


Candidate: Background aligns with seat on Orphan’s Court

Running for any political office is difficult. I should know — I’ve done it a time or two. But, it really shouldn’t be that way. The vast majority of those who run for an office should be admired, not ridiculed. He or she is putting themselves out there and putting their neck on the line! It’s not easy and sometimes it’s not fun, either. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed shaking hands, talking, listening and meeting all of my fellow Carroll countians.

I am a candidate for the office of Judge of the Orphan’s Court. This is a county position — not a legislative position. You do not need to be an attorney. The main job of an Orphan’s Court Judge is to “supervise the management of estates of people who have died — with or without a will.” I tell you this because I have been asked many times — what is Orphan’s Court?

Based on my education and work experience, I know that I am qualified to serve as an Orphan’s Court Judge. My background is in labor/labor relations, arbitration, negotiation and mediation. For the past 5 years, I have been a volunteer for Carroll Community Mediation Maryland, currently serving in the District Court of Carroll County. In addition, for the past 10 years, I have served as a volunteer for Carroll Hospice.

I have been involved in Carroll County politics for the past 20 years, serving in various capacities. Currently, I sit as a Vice Chair on the Carroll County Democratic Central Committee of which I have been a part of for the past 17 of those years. Should I be elected, I will have to vacate that position. But, serving as a Carroll County Orphan’s Court Judge would be an honor.

I totally agree that there are some political positions that should not be partisan. Judge of the Orphan’s Court is a good example. Serving as a judge, your job is to go strictly by the law, not party politics. Your party should never dictate your personal choice. I, personally, have always felt that you should consider the best person to serve — in any elected position. I feel I am qualified to be one of those elected to serve as a Carroll County Judge of Orphan’s Court.

Therefore, I respectfully ask that when Nov. 6 rolls around, 1. Please take the time to vote, 2. Please consider a vote for me, 3. If you don’t vote, I can’t win.

Thanks very much in advance for any and all support.

Anita Riley