Join the national independent movement in Carroll

If the name-calling, extremely mean politics of Donald Trump are turning you off, if the Bernie Sanders Socialist agenda is turning you off, if you constantly find that voting is choosing between the least of two bad candidates then I would like to offer up a new choice: Go Independent. is a national independent movement in which more moderate leaning conservatives and liberals run as independents and are free to vote for the people they represent and not be threatened with well-financed primary opponents that are backed by the special interests.


Generally the issues we seek to pursue are campaign finance reform, independent ethics panels, independent panels to redistrict state maps, and holding elected officials to most of the same laws they hold us accountable to.

Most of our candidates have vowed not to caucus with either party and to vote every issue as to what best suits their own constituency.

We have nine candidates running in the current election, most for state seats which will be our national candidates of the future. Here in Maryland, the movement could make a national statement by seating our first U.S. Senator in Neal Simon.

The last pole I saw had Neal with 9 percent, which is huge for an independent candidate which usually carry 3-5 percent of the vote. We are taking on long-entrenched Sen. Ben Cardin who has voted 97 percent of the time with the party. Neal’s latest email claims his poll that I have not seen has him gapping up within striking distance.

I have volunteered to head up the effort for Carroll County and I can’t be at all 36 precincts at the same time so if you agree with me that it is high time we try something different and would like to help contact me at

Steven Davidson

New Windsor

GOP Central Committee announces support for BOE candidates

The Carroll County Republican Central Committee is pleased to announce our endorsement of two candidates for the Board of Education. As the voice of the Republican Party in Carroll County, we look for candidates who hold conservative values and bring a common sense approach to government. After interviewing candidates and evaluating their resumes, the committee believes that Kenny Kiler and Doug Howard would best represent our values .

Kenny Kiler is an involved community member in North Carroll, particularly known to families as a former Rec Council President and the founder of the Manchester Wrestling program. In addition to holding a degree in mathematics, he has spent his entire career in construction, negotiating contracts, managing projects and supervising employees. He has been a successful executive in challenging economic times.

Likewise, Doug Howard is a businessman well-known to the community. He is creative in his approach to challenges. As a two-term county commissioner, no Board of Education candidate understands the intricacies of the BOE budget better than Doug Howard.

The Board of Education faces challenges in the coming years and commands approximately half of Carroll County’s budget. These two men have a vested interest in the success of CCPS. Doug has children still attending Carroll County Public Schools and Kenny has grandchildren enrolled. Additionally, they both have professional careers that reflect a history of successfully managing substantial budgets and solving budgetary challenges.

The Republican Central Committee wholeheartedly endorses Doug Howard and Kenny Kiler for the Board of Education and we encourage you to support these two proven conservatives on Nov. 6.

Larry Helminiak



The writer is the chairman of the Carroll County Republican Central Committee.